Joker Reviews – Garbage, Say Critics

If it’s an Akshay Kumar film, you can be sure it’s got garbage written all over it.

The bozo’s new film Joker released today, to almost universal derision.

The only silver lining is that the trashy film has had a poor opening in India.

Here, read excerpts from some of the reviews for Joker:


Joker is a crude joke of a film that will leave you in tears unless you have a stomach strong enough to digest such unmitigated junk.

Occasionally, trash does have its uses in the domain of entertainment. But when it decomposes and turns into putrid garbage, it stinks. Yes, Joker is a load of rubbish that belongs in the dump yard.


There isn’t a single line in Shirish Kunder’s Joker that actually works…


The best thing I can say about Joker is that it’s better than Tees Maar Khan. That gem β€” the benchmark of all that is mind-numbingly terrible about Hindi films….Listing out the inanities of Joker would take an obnoxiously long amount of time and effort, in addition to the two hours the film saps out of your soul watching it.

Bollywood Hungama/IndiaFM

[I]t gets cumbersome to sit through the film after a point, since what unfurls is ridiculous and bizarre. ..On the whole, JOKER is a joke of a film. Disaster!

2 Responses to "Joker Reviews – Garbage, Say Critics"

  1. rakeshbaba   August 31, 2012 at 11:05 am

    Akshay Kumar is becoming mature because he knows he did a big mistake by signing this film.

    So he didn’t do any promotions as he knows this movie will bomb.

    Now not only Shahrukh Khan, we all should slap the director Shirish Kunder. Responds:

    Akshay’s company Hari Om Entertainment seems to be involved with production and distribution of the film.


    Somebody is gonna take a big financial hit.

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