Yippee, U.S. Desis Reject Rowdy Rathore

In Mera Bharat Mahaan, Akshay Kumar’s latest piece of garbage Rowdy Rathore may be getting lapped up by those classless buffoons. But in Amreeka, smart desis have roundly rejected Rowdy Rathore, one of the worst movies to emerge out of the Bollywood cesspool in recent years. To Akshay Kumar’s mortification, Rowdy Rathore has fared far […]

Rowdy Rathore Review – Beastly Nonsense

Never let it be said that Hindi movies can’t plumb new lows. The biggest, latest calamity to befall the already lowly Bollywood is the Southern invasion in the form of remakes and arrival of directors like Prabhudeva. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times. Tamils and Telugus cannot make watchable movies, […]

Rowdy Rathore is Junk, Say Critics

Rowdy Rathore Review – Beastly Nonsense Akshay Kumar’s new movie Rowdy Rathore hit the screens today and true to form, Akshay’s that is, the film is already receiving withering scorn. Akshay Kumar’s only claim to fame lately is to churn out unwatchable trash and going by the early reviews, it seems he delivers on the […]

Housefull 2 Review – Entertaining Piffle

Given Akshay Kumar’s unceasing penchant for starring in films that require you to leave your brains at home, we walked into Housefull 2 with high apprehensions and low expectations. Boy, were we surprised. ‘Tis true, Housefull 2 is total bakwas (nonsense) but thankfully of the amusing kind. Directed by Sajid Khan based on a ‘story’ […]

Desi Boyz Review – Monstrous Mutation of Full Monty

By God, it’s high time we had a law prohibiting Indians from making movies. We just returned from the opening show of Desi Boyz at a theater on the East Coast and, ah, ah, ah, we’re still reeling in painful shock. Folks, Desi Boyz (Akshay Kumar, John Abraham, Deepika Padukone, Chitrangda Singh) is nothing short […]