Thank You Box Office – Colossal Disaster

The Chutiya deserves it. By God, Akshay Kumar deserves Thank You’s humiliating failure at the U.S. box office for the garbage he’s shoveling at Bollywood fans for the last few years. Folks, Akshay Kumar’s latest trashy movie Thank You is not a failure of ordinary proportions. Au contraire, Thank You is helluva disaster. A tsunami […]

Thank You Review – Sickeningly Bad

Never let it be said that Bollywood star Akshay Kumar does not stoop to a new low with each new film. If the new Bollywood film Thank You, its director Anees Bazmee and lead star Akshay Kumar prove anything at all, it’s that Indian films are, for the most part, made by retards for returds. […]

Scathing Reviews Greet Akshay Kumar’s Thank You

Thank You Review – Sickeningly Bad Bollywood Trash King Akshay Kumar’s  new movie Thank You has yet to hit the screens but the movie is already the object of withering scorn from critics. Critics Lash Out at Thank You Folks, the early reviews for Akshay’s Thank You, which opens tomorrow, are out and if we […]

Patiala House Review – Puerile Junk

Never let it be said that Bollywood star Akshay Kumar misses any opportunity to stoop to new lows with each new movie. With an unerring instinct for the asinine, Akshay’s new movie Patiala House is so bizarrely stupid that you wonder throughout the 2 hour 20-minute ordeal if this trash was made by humans at […]

Tees Maar Khan Box Office – Royally Screwed

Angry moviegoers collectively unzipped their fly and roundly peed on Bollywood star Akshay Kumar, a habitual beneficiary of theft, over his latest crap-show Tees Maar Khan. Tees Maar Khan – Rotten at Box Office Folks, Tees Maar Khan has fared miserably over the Christmas weekend at the U.S. box office. Universally scorned by critics, the […]