Khatta Meetha Box Office: Disaster, Big Disaster

You know in the not-too-distant past the Samurai folks in Japan used to handle shame very well. They’d get a ritual sword, plunge it deep into their stomachs and scoop out their entrails. If that gruesome act didn’t prove effective, they’d take the knife and cut their throat. Death was probably extremely painful but the […]

Buffoon + Bimbette = Garbage oops Khatta Meetha

Khatta Meetha Box Office: Disaster, Big Disaster What happens when Bollywood’s buffoon-king Akshay Kumar meets Kollywood’s bimbette-queen Trisha Krishnan? According to critics, the answer is foul-smelling garbage. Indian movie critics have lashed out at Khatta Meetha, the new Bollywood film featuring Akshay Kumar and South Indian starlet Trisha Krishnan. Here’s a sample of unflattering reviews […]

De Dana Dan Review – Beyond Pathetic Garbage

Of all the Bollywood movies we’ve watched in 2009, De Dana Dan is easily the most boring, sickening, crappy piece of shit. Folks, there was not a single moment of respite in the 2 hours and 40-minutes we spent in the dark hall of the AMC Empire theater on 42nd St (near Times Square) in […]

Singh is Kinng: Akshay Kumar Buggers 500m Desis

Singh is Kinng Box Office – Not So Great Never in the annals of human depravity has so much agony been inflicted on so many (500 million Bollywood fans) by so few (Akshay Kumar, Katrina Kaif, Anees Bazmee et al). Like Attila the Hun, the mad doctor of Auschwitz Josef Mengele and Ivan the Terrible, […]