Scathing Reviews Greet Akshay Kumar’s Thank You

Thank You Review – Sickeningly Bad

Bollywood Trash King Akshay Kumar’s  new movie Thank You has yet to hit the screens but the movie is already the object of withering scorn from critics.

Critics Lash Out at Thank You
Folks, the early reviews for Akshay’s Thank You, which opens tomorrow, are out and if we were Akshay Kumar tonight we’d make a widow out of Twinkle by daybreak.

But Shame is not a word found in Akshay Kumar’s lexicon, if you go by the garbage he shovels on Bollywood fans with monotonous regularity.

Here are excerpts from some of the early reviews of Thank You:


I underestimated Bazmee’s capacity for creating witless, soul-sucking cinema… brains were battered to pulp and my eardrums are still recovering from Pritam’s cacophonous sound-track. I’m going with one and a half star.

* Rediff:

Despite [Akshay] Kumar’s joker-in-a-box automaton attempts, Anees Bazmee’s latest film Thank You goes nowhere, and takes forever to, um, not get there.

Frequently the film, like leading man Kumar, doesn’t even bother with the attempt of being funny.

* Times of India:

Anees Bazmee is back with another comedy on the theme of adultery, perhaps with commercial considerations of reviving the success of No Entry . Sadly his Shaadi No.1- meets- Biwi No.1 narrative is adulterated with so many tacky references that you end up saying thank you but no thank you….And just when you expect the trauma to terminate, the film extends into an epilogue going in the flashback mode introducing a bonus actress who adds absolutely nothing to the narrative other than more mediocrity.

* DNA:

What’s surprising, though, is that UTV Motion Pictures agreed to back this recycle-of-an-already-recycled-film. Making a mindless comedy – that over-abused term to justify wastage of raw stock – might seem like a lucrative idea. We all love ‘escapist’ films, don’t we? May be.

But where does Thank You fit in? Somewhere between Singh Is Kinng and No Problem. The good news is: there’s no gorilla farting here. So, yes, No Problem retains its place as the film masochists will continue to recommend to fellow-sadists. Thank You leaves you with a slightly milder headache.

Sure, the reviewers may have had a kind word or two to say about the film but their bottom line verdict is unmistakable – Thank You is garbage that you’d better stay away from.

But then what else can you expect from an Akshay Kumar except Garbage, eh?

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2 Responses to "Scathing Reviews Greet Akshay Kumar’s Thank You"

  1. logu   April 7, 2011 at 11:12 pm

    Hardly a surprise! Yamadharmaraja must have been very tired in taking out lives, inorder to share his duties he must have created trash kumar and that awful bachhan to produce such junks and take out people

  2. logu   April 7, 2011 at 11:14 pm

    Some wonderful news for your ears. Kamalhaasan and Selvaragavan have been denied US visa for shooting their new film! Responds:


    Can’t understand the desperate Indian fascination to shoot their films abroad.

    It’s basically to mask the absence of a plausible story.

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