Anand – Rajesh Khanna’s Finest Hour

Babu moshai, Zindagi badi honi chahiye, lambi nahin (Life should be big, not long) – Rajesh Khanna’s character Anand in the Hindi film Anand Anand came out in early 1971, when Rajesh Khanna (born Jatin Khanna) was at the height of his popularity. Aaradhana, released two years before and in which the star played dual […]

Telugu Loudmouth Gang Raped, Brutally

Indian movie critics have torn apart Telugu loudmouth Ram Gopal Varma’s latest film Department. Hello, is any one surprised? RGV has been making trash for so long that he’s now achieved the hitherto thought impossible – he makes tawdry Tollywood look respectful in contrast! Here take a look at the odium heaped on Department: Upper […]

Aarakshan Review – Half-Baked Look at Reservations

Aarakshan (Reservations) turned out to be a disappointment for us. Directed by Prakash Jha, one of India’s rare political film-makers, the much hyped movie is supposedly centered on the hot-button issue of reservations aka affirmative action that allows less qualified candidates from lower castes to get government jobs and seats in colleges via special quotas. […]

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