Billa II Review – Frustratingly Bad

By Naveen Based on past experience, watching Tamil star Ajith’s movies require lots of tolerance and very limited cognitive skills. The latter is available in abundance among Tamil movie fans. I was greeted with unusually empty roads all the way to the theater and even more surprised to see no lines at all! Was it […]

Ultimate Shame for Indian Cinema

May 18, 2008 will forever remain a dark day in Indian cinema. After all, this is the day when Indian cinema made an ass of itself on the world stage. If reports are correct, today is the market screening of that Tamil horror show Billa at the Cannes Film Festival. No one in his right […]

Ajith’s Billa – Flop, Ultimate Flop or Super Hit?

Billa II Review – Frustratingly Bad The big question on most Tamil movie lovers’ minds must surely be whether Ajith’s Billa is a Flop, Ultimate Flop or a Super Hit at the box office. There has been a lot of comparison between the new Billa and Rajnikant’s mega hit Sivaji with some over-enthusiastic folks erroneously claiming that Billa […]

Rajni’s Second Folly in Life – Blessing Ajith’s Billa

Billa II Review – Frustratingly Bad As far as we can tell, Tamil movie superstar Rajnikanth has led a stellar and dignified life except for two big follies. Rajnikanth’s first folly happened sometime in 1979 or 1980, when he disgraced himself with his bad behavior at an airport in South India around the time of […]