How Satan Found Bobby Jindal

I read the words of Jesus Christ, and I realized that they were true…I used to think that I had found God, but I believe it is more accurate to say that He found me. – Hindu-born Christian Convert Piyush ‘Bobby’ Jindal on How and Why He Became a Christian Source: Washington Post, May 12, […]

Indian Christian Trash Bobby Jindal Flings Mud at Obamacare, Unveils Sick Alternative

Hindu-born Christian convert Piyush ‘Bobby’ Jindal, the Indian whacko who wants abortion to be disallowed without exception even in rape or incest cases or if the mother’s health is at grave risk, has developed a bad case of Presidential itch. In a desperate bid to gain attention of the media, the Republican base and Republican […]

Bobby ‘Disgrace’ Jindal Lands Book Deal

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, a disgrace to the Indian-American community, has gotten himself a book deal, according to the Times Picayune. Due out in 2010, the book will be ghost written by Peter Schweizer and focus on Bobby’s ‘life and policy ideas,’ the paper reports. A Republican, Right-wing extremist and Christian fundamentalist, Jindal is an […]

Bobby Jindal Makes History, Raises High Hopes

Frankly, we think Bobby Jindal stinks. At least, Jindal’s views on abortion do. We also think Jindal is a phony, a Christian fanatic (or at least pretends to be in a state where religion is very important to its citizens) and lacks the experience to handle a complex task like governing a backward and corrupt […]

Why Bobby Jindal is a Disgrace

We think Bobby Jindal is a disgrace and brings much shame to the Indian-American community. And shame to Louisiana as well, the unfortunate U.S. state of which Bobby will soon be its next Governor. Of course, many Desis in the U.S. will disagree. They are pleased as punch that Bobby will become the first Indian-American […]