Settai – Trailer Trash

Like the upcoming Tamil offal Settai, movie remakes in India are a collision wreck of failure and insanity, compounded by the devil of laziness. An abject failure of imagination and the insane Indian obsession for quick, easy money fueled by astonishing laziness, yes, that is the trademark Indian (dishonorable) tradition of remakes. Before you can […]

Delhi Belly Box Office – Going Strong in 2nd Weekend

Delhi Belly is continuing its strong run at the U.S. box office. Desis have been flocking to see this raunchy, toilet-humor filled entertaining Bollywood movie produced by Aamir Khan and starring his nephew Imran Khan. For the second weekend, i.e. July 8-10, Delhi Belly grossed $375,225 with an average gross of $4,169 per theater. It […]

Delhi Belly Box Office – Decent Collection

Delhi Belly has done well at the U.S. box office. Of course, the 4-day Independence Day weekend must have helped draw in the crowds. Plus, the movie surely had decent word of mouth despite its crass, toilet humor (the title of the movie says it all). For the July 1-4, 2011 opening weekend, Delhi Belly […]

Delhi Belly – Aamir Khan Gives Guy Ritchie a Neat BJ

Oh, no darlin, we didn’t hate Delhi Belly. Au contraire, it’s a pretty decent English film. At least by Indian standards, Delhi Belly is most certainly an entertaining movie. Paisa Vasool, as all ye putzheads like to say. It’s just that we’re amazed to see Aamir Khan forever chomping on one film-maker or the other’s […]

India Very High Risk Nation for Delhi Belly

You schmucks can scream Mera Bharat Mahaan and India Shining till you are hoarse but India stands tall on the global stage only for all the wrong things. Like for instance, travel diarrhea, rape, frequent random violence, treatment of minorities, extra-judicial murders by the police (encounters) et al. In this post, we intend to examine […]