Devyani’s Twitter Following Up 1200%

I’ve never been in doubt that India is populated mostly by parasites and scavengers feeding on carrion, both animal and human. When it comes to scavenging, Indians are, of course, peerless zombies. All carcass is grist to the Indian scavenging mill. 600% Jump – Devyani Twitter Take for instance the scandal tainted NYC Indian diplomat […]

Scheduled Caste Father Screams Racial Bias at Americans Over Devyani’s Arrest

Uttam Khobragade, 61, is mad as hell over his diplomat daughter Devyani Khobragde’s arrest by the U.S. authorities in NYC yesterday on charges of Visa fraud and making false statements in the hiring of an Indian maid. No stranger to controversy himself, the retired Indian bureaucrat, who belongs to India’s Scheduled Caste community a.k.a. Dalits, […]

Quarter Million Dollar Bail for Devyani

Indian diplomat Devyani Khobragade, who was arrested Thursday morning on charges of Visa fraud and making false statements about wages to her maid, was released in the evening on a bail bond of $250,000. Devyani pleaded not guilty to the Visa fraud and making false statements charges in a NYC court. Media reports say Devyani […]