Karaikudi Chettinad NJ Review – Disgusting, Sick Food

Never underestimate the genetic propensity of Indians to inflict hideous torture on their fellow citizens. The other day we made the godawful mistake of going to Karaikudi Chettinad on Oak Tree Road in Edison (NJ) and, man, it’s a miracle we’re still alive to tell y’all this sordid tale of woe, misery and suffering. Folks, in […]

Sankalp South Plainfield – Revoltingly Bad

All ye schmucks can say what you will but when it comes to dishing out the worst possible food, you just can’t beat these New Jersey shitholes like Sankalp South Plainfield masquerading as Indian restaurants. Completely clueless in the kitchen, utterly hopeless in the service department and totally remorseless in their overall attitude, most Indian […]