Sankalp South Plainfield – Revoltingly Bad

All ye schmucks can say what you will but when it comes to dishing out the worst possible food, you just can’t beat these New Jersey shitholes like Sankalp South Plainfield masquerading as Indian restaurants.

Completely clueless in the kitchen, utterly hopeless in the service department and totally remorseless in their overall attitude, most Indian restaurants in New Jersey are absolutely worthless pieces of shit unfit for even cattle.

Their raison d’etre is unmistakable just as it is unpardonable – How to ripoff rape unsuspecting, hapless diners who enter their portals with simple, fond hopes of a decent, nourishing Indian meal.

New or old, big or small, South Indian or North Indian, the motto of most New Jersey/NYC Indian restaurants is simple – Enter at the peril of being horrifically raped.

Somebody, please deport all these bozos back to the shitty country they all fled in hopes of amassing a few silver coins.  By the way, considering that the illegal population of Indians in the U.S. is on the rise may we suggest the Immigration and Customs Enforcement conduct raids on these establishments after an investigation. Quickly, please.

Sankalp South Plainfield

Just when you thought that Oak Tree Road/Oak Tree Avenue area in New Jersey couldn’t get worse for Indian cuisine, comes a new disgrace in the form of Sankalp South Plainfield (on Oak Tree Avenue in the Golden Acres shopping center in South Plainfield) with all the ugly traits typical of a bad-ass NJ Indian restaurant.

As we walked into Sankalp South Plainfield around 1:20 pm there were about six to eight diners in the restaurant.

For reasons that we just can’t fathom, the restaurant’s hostess who was near the cash register completely gave us the cold shoulder even though we were standing right in front of her, did not care to seat us promptly and kept dicking around with some sheets of paper.

Sankalp South Plainfield NJSankalp South Plainfield – Newest Indian Disgrace

We cursed our fate over the indifferent reception from that short little twit in the pantsuit (tight white blouse and black trousers).

Mercifully the wait was not long as a passing waiter noticed us standing and asked the girl to attend to the waiting customers.

The short little hostess twit then condescended to show us a table by the wall and handed us a lunch buffet menu but not before first inquiring what we’d like to drink.

Aha, she was playing the usual Indian restaurant trick of getting us to order some stupid, ice-filled expensive drink. Ha ha ha, we’re too much of cheap desi SOBs to fall for such cheap tricks. 😉

The lunch buffet menu card basically contained details about appetizers of the day – Alu Tikki and Fish Pakora and the number of vegetarian and non-vegetarian entrees and rice items included in the buffet.

The hostess then brought a water jug and filled our glasses. While pouring water she inquired whether our party was vegetarian or non-vegetarian. We told her that our group consisted of both strict vegetarians and non-vegetarians. The hostess listened attentively and informed us that appetizers would be served at the table.

Just as she’d informed us, an amigo waiter brought the appetizers to the table – four Fish Pakoras and two Alu Tikki pieces in about six minutes after the hostess took our order.

Sankalp South Plainfield – Trashy Restaurant

Holy Christ, the vegetarian and non-vegetarian appetizers came on the same plate.

Only a trashy, shitty restaurant like Sankalp South Plainfield would dare to serve vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes on the same plate to a party of Indians even after being told there were vegetarians in the party. To make matters worse, one of the Alu Tikki pieces was atop the Fish Pakoras. Disgusting scumbags.

The only other occasion we were served meat and vegetarian items on the same plate was at that blabbering Bollywood bozo’s restaurant Dhaba in NYC.

Fish Pakoras and Alu Tikki were awfully hot suggesting they were re-heated at too high a temperature in the microwave. Most likely they were heated together because, yeeks, the Alu Tikki had a fishy smell. 🙁

Alu Tikki’s shape was not the usual flat round patty. It was elongated and shaped like a Mirchi Bajji. The mashed potato inside was tasteless, bland, devoid of even salt. The nuclear-hot Fish Pakoras were no better.

Ruing our bad Karma, we moved to the buffet table hoping to find solace and comfort in the main items.

But as they say, when it rains misery it pours.

A series of calamities befell poor, hapless, helpless us at Sankalp’s buffet table.

Awful Vegetarian Entrees

Stir Fried Vegetables (Carrot, Onion and Capsicum) with Cashew nuts was bland with soy-sauce colored water.

As if being bland was not bad enough, the Stir Fried Vegetables vessel was near empty. Though there were five to six waiters moving around the place, in a clear gesture of contempt for diners the buffoons never cared to refill it until we were getting ready to leave.

Cabbage Carrot Poriyal had a strong raw taste. You see, the Carrot was cooked OK but the partially cooked cabbage spoiled the taste and flavor of this South Indian delight.

Our distress train chugged along wearily with stops at the Mutter Panner, Mushroom Saag, Kadi Pakora, Tomato Dal, Basil-Flavored Noodles, Plain Rice and Curd Rice stations.

Set in a watery tasteless brown color gravy, the beyond pathetic Mutter Panner brought tears to our eyes.

Mushroom Saag with its wet Mehndi/Henna powder texture was a bland, tasteless green color mass that ought not to be served even to horses. You see the Saag was ground so finely it attained the texture of Henna paste. Hell, we were almost tempted to apply some on our hands to see if it’d turn orange in a little while.

Kadi Pakora tasted like a mixture of basin flour and turmeric powder had been hastily flung into hot water by an angry chef whose salary was overdue for two months. Besides being devoid of any sign of yogurt, the Kadi Pakora was also, sadly, bereft of a competent chef’s hand.  Worse, the Kadi Pakora did not have Pakora pieces, just the basin flour- turmeric powder mix. After a while, even the ugly yellow paste hit the bottom but again Sankalp demonstrated its callous disdain for diners by not caring to refill the vessel. Cheats, cheats, cheats.

Mashed Toor Dal cooked with chopped tomato, cilantro, curry leaves and jeera seasoning is a flavorful dish that can be enjoyed with both plain rice and Naan bread. But the Tomato Dal at Sankalp was a yellow color mashed dal with cut pieces of Tomato thrown into it with nary a thought of any flavor to the item.

With a faint flavor of Basil, the lukewarm Noodles at Sankalp’s lunch is best described as tasteless and inedible. Again, there was very little noodles on the buffet table none of the waitstaff bothered to refill the bowl.

Stealing Swines

When disgusting restaurants like Sankalp South Plainfield repeatedly fail to promptly replenish the empty vessels on the buffet table, we call it theft.

Theft of customers’ dollars by stealing swines. Maybe, the owner worked on Wall St.

It’s not just the Mutter Panner, Kadi Pakora, Cabbage Carrot Poriyal that were bad, the Sankalp bozos couldn’t  even get the humble Curd Rice and the plain Basmati Rice right.

Plain Basmati Rice with cumin seeds seasoning was oily and way too pasty.

Curd Rice with mustard seeds and chopped cilantro leaves seasoning was thick but utterly tasteless. The sole saving grace of the tasteless Curd Rice was that it wasn’t freezing cold like in most Indian restaurants here.

Tasty Malai Kabab and Awful Chicken Do Piazza

One of the few comforts of our hideous Sankalp lunch was the Malai Kabab.

Heaven it was. The meat was tender and spices seeped well into the kabab imparted a divine flavor. For a moment, we dreamed we were the Begum of Oudh feasting on delicacies from the royal kitchen.

Alas, that pleasant reverie was soon rudely interrupted by the unimaginably awful Chicken Do Piazza. You see the chicken had a raw taste and spices had not seeped well into the chicken making it inedible. There was little evidence the chicken and onion/spices had been cooked together even for a single nanosecond.

Naan Bread Rationing

Though it was supposed to be All You Can Eat Lunch Buffet ($10.95), the Sankalp rascals never provided us with enough Naan Bread. First they took nearly 15 minutes to bring the Naan Bread to the table. When it finally arrived there were just three small pieces in the basket forcing us to request them to provide more Naan Bread. The first set of three pieces were crisp like Dosa, lukewarm and not soft like Naan bread. Fortunately, the second lot of three pieces was soft and piping hot.

Rubbery Gulab Jamun, Tasteless Thick Kheer

Let it not be said that the cruel devils at Sankalp showed us any mercy, even, during the desserts part of the meal. No, no, no.

Gulab Jamun with Coconut was rubbery with raw taste of flour in the middle and lacked cardamom flavored sugar syrup.

Kheer was way too thick, almost sugarless and, natürlich, completely tasteless.

To redeem our misadventure at Sankalp and the rotten desserts, we sought relief by ordering a Tall Sundae Kulfi and Indian Coffee.

When we placed the order, Sankalp’s hostess informed us that Tall Sundae Kulfi comes with Coffee, Mango, Pistachio Kulfi ice-cream with nuts toppings. However the Tall Sundae Kulfi that arrived on our table did not have any the promised nuts toppings and the bozos added generous amount of whipped cream without asking us. Swines!

Indian Coffee was strong with nice flavor but watery and could have done with a little more milk.

Sankalp South Plainfield – Hot Ambiance and Contemptuous Service

Leave it to the Sankalp buffoons to leave no stone unturned in making our meal as miserable as possible.

The restaurant was uncomfortably warm inside suggesting the Sankalp cheapos never switched on the Air Conditioning.

Though the used plates were removed promptly and water glasses filled without asking, the rude treatment earlier, the failure to fill the empty vessels, lack of air-conditioning and overall bad quality of the food left an extremely bad taste in the mouth.

We were not the only ones unhappy with the food.

The folks behind us made no secret of their displeasure with the Uthappam to the hostess.

Sankalp South Plainfield – Avoid Like the Plague

Bottom line, Sankalp South Plainfield is yet another disgusting Indian dump in New Jersey that has no reason to exist.

To call this shithole a restaurant is akin to describing the Nazi monster Hitler as human,  the Bollywood bozo Abhishek Bachchan as an actor and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie as a lean fella. 😉

Folks, unless you are a complete retard who loves bad food, unless you are a masochist who loves to be whipped,  unless you are a dolt who wants to throw your money away on fake Indian food do not even consider visiting this shameless impostor of an Indian restaurant.

Dear readers, we were totally duped by these Sankalp South Plainfield charlatans but let that not be your miserable fate as well.

Heed our words and show these Sankalp shanis (devils) your middle finger with mucho gusto. These sadistic, worthless swines deserve nothing less.

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