Indiya Review – Nothing Here, Keep Walking

When you christen your new restaurant Indiya, the least you ought to do is ensure the food doesn’t disgrace the wonderful, rich cuisine from Mera Bharat Mahaan a.k.a Incredible India. Should you fail, then you’d be sullying and bastardizing the name of a great nation just so you can rejoice in the jingle of a […]

Bengali Sweet House Jersey City – Heavenly

If JFK’s inaugural address were to happen today, the lecherous bastard would probably say, Ask not what you can eat at Bengali Sweet House, ask why you won’t. Bengali Sweet House is the hidden gem in that Indian cesspool known as Newark Ave in Jersey City, NJ. Given that Indians are weird specimens, be they […]

Arusuvai Chettinad: Satan’s Minions @ Work

When clueless bozos stray into the kitchen and headless chicken run helter skelter around the dining room, the ugly epiphany is a hopelessly trashy Indian restaurant called Arusuvai Chettinad in North Brunswick, NJ. The fitting punishment for such Indian restaurants dumpsters in New Jersey – Adi Seruppale (i.e. remove your old, dirty slippers and fling […]

Cross Culture Haddonfield (NJ) – A Sin Not to Eat Here

Cross Culture is an unusual name for an Indian restaurant. Typically, Indian restaurants in the U.S. have banal names like Delhi Palace, Indian Taj, Taj India, Gandhi, Nirvana, Taj Palace, Akbar, Mirchi or Maharaja. Imagine our surprise when we heard of Cross Culture Ethnic Indian Cuisine at Haddonfield, New Jersey. Turning on our GPS, we […]

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