Acme of Rasams – Swagath in Edison, NJ

Never have our lips touched such Rasam. It’s snowing outside…here we are drinking the acme of Tomato Rasams at Swagath (Oak Tree Rd), Edison, NJ 08820. Hot & Tangy & Spicy – ah, sheer Nirvana. Just right for this cold weather too. We must have done a lot of good deeds to deserve this. All […]

Sapthagiri – Mona Lisa of Masala Dosas in New Jersey

Finding a good Dosa in the U.S. is becoming almost as hard as seeing the Halley’s Comet. And for unabashed gourmands like us, who’d kill for a good Dosa, that’s so frustrating. In our odyssean quest for good Dosas, we have traveled far and wide, often driving across state borders in the U.S. Alas, nemesis […]

Hoysala – Manna from Heaven in New Jersey

If the poet William Wordsworth had dined at Hoysala in Somerset (New Jersey), he’d have modified the famous lines in his poem to read: Bliss was it in that dawn to be alive but to be hungry at Hoysala was very heaven. Most Indian restaurants in the U.S. are like our Bollywood movies. The skimpily-clad […]

Anjappar Chettinad USA – Awful Service, Lousy Food

Anjappar Chettinad NYC Review Anjappar Chettinad in North Brunswick, New Jersey gives a bad name not just to the famed Chettinad cuisine but to all Indian restaurants in the U.S. Disgusting service and a distasteful kitchen come together to deliver a dreadful experience to diners at Anjappar’s new outpost in North Brunswick, NJ. A far […]

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