Sunny Chugh is a Nut Case; May His Tribe Increase

By God, where did this weirdo spring from? Who? Who? Oh, we’re talking of this desi nut case we encountered (hey, we mean American encounter, not the Indian style dishoom-dishoom encounter) the other day. Fella said his name was Sunny Chugh and claimed to be the owner of Palace of Jaipur Indian restaurant on Hamilton […]

Aangan Review – Why Does it Exist?

Raison d’etre. Like a hovering bee, the French word raison d’etre kept buzzing in our mind during a meal at Aangan Indian restaurant in Freehold, New Jersey. Just in case you are curious, the Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary (11th edition, P.1028) defines raison d’etre as ‘reason or justification for existence.’ The smart ones amongst you have […]

Sukh Sagar Review – More Sukh, Less Dukh

From the shapely bottom, curvilicious figure and perky tits of our pretty desi waitress encased in tight, faded blue jeans and dark blue T-shirt to the lip-smacking Rasam, sui generis Avial and sweet delight Payasam, there was a lot we liked about Sukh Sagar Indian restaurant on Stelton Road in Piscataway (New Jersey). Sure, there […]

Mantra (NJ) Review – Buy Some Dishwashing Liquid NOW

On the road in the U.S. means discovering a few good, some not-so-good and many ugly Indian restaurants. Lunching at Mantra, one of those not-so-good Indian restaurants in Paramus, NJ. Borrowing a page from Bollywood movies, Indian restaurants in the U.S. fail at the most basic level – Unclean plates, slipping over common curries and […]

Saravanaa Bhavan Edison – Murder Most Foul

These days, murder seems to be Saravanaa Bhavan’s raison d’etre. Picture this South Indian vegetarian restaurant’s shady reputation: * Saravanaa Bhavan’s founder P.Rajagopal murders people, literally. * Saravanaa Bhavan founder’s son P.R. Shiva Kumar murders U.S. immigration laws, allegedly. * Saravanaa Bhavan Edison (New Jersey) murders diners, figuratively. Murder most foul, as the Ghost laments […]

Jhupdi – Welcome Respite in New Jersey

Folks, let’s face it. Most Indian restaurants in New Jersey exist for the sole purpose of tormenting unsuspecting diners unlucky enough to step into their portals – they dole out huge dollops of ugly food, serve big helpings of trashy service and overall serve as bad poster boys for our wonderful cuisine, be it North […]