Dosa Hut NJ Review – Pissy Stench; Decent Food

If you are willing to ignore the cheap ambiance of the place, if you are ready to hold your nose at the pissy odor emanating  from the corner where the Sambar vessel and plastic cups/spoons are kept and if you are prepared to eat out of flimsy plastic plates in a self-serve restaurant, Dosa Hut […]

Rajbhog Cherry Hill Review – No, Not for Humans

All of us have regretted some decision or the other badly enough. Say like watching a Bollywood film featuring Abhishek Bachchan or worse a Kollywood movie with Ajith in the lead. Or saying No when Aishwarya Rai begged you to marry her (high hopes, eh). 😉 In our case, one of the egregiously bad moves […]

Bombay Talk Review – Pol Pot’s Outpost in Iselin

You will not make a good death. (Source: John Burdett, Bangkok 8, p.100, emphasis added) After a particularly odious meal at Bombay Talk on Oak Tree Road in Iselin (NJ) the other day, we were reminded of the above Thai power curse that seemed appropriate to hurl at the fiends behind this trashy Indian fast […]

iSpice NJ Review – Soooper, Tabulicious Food

(For SI blog reader Fugitive143) Eureka! Yeah, finding an Indian restaurant in New Jersey that serves palatable edible fare is cause for celebration these days. Such is the severity of the drought that has struck the Indian culinary landscape in these parts. But boy did we strike gold with iSpice in North Brunswick (on Aaron […]

Mysore Woodlands Review – Marquis de Sade Lives Here

So you quidnuncs want to know about our meal the other day at Mysore Woodlands, the “Pure Vegetarian South Indian Restaurant” in Parisppany, NJ. As they say in Mysore of bad cooks, Baddi makkalu, adigae aen aenu baralla (these worthless fellows are clueless in the cooking department). Crappy Then, Crappy Now You can change the […]