Have You Schmucks Firefoxed 4 Yet?

Firefox 4, which debuted yesterday, is going great guns. The browser has already been downloaded 7.15 million times (as of 12:39PM ET on 3/22/2011) including, of course, by the nonpareil SI. Faster, Better The folks at Mozilla, the non-profit foundation that develops the open source browser, say Firefox 4 is two to six times faster […]

We’ve Installed Firefox 3.5. Have You?

Firefox has been our preferred browser for quite some time now on all our computers. So it was a no-brainer that we’d look at Firefox 3.5 (a key update to the browser released yesterday) sooner rather than later. Here are some of the enhancements in Firefox 3.5: improved JavaScript performance, a new Private Browsing mode, […]

Firefox 3 Hits 2.75m Downloads by 10:30PM EST

Firefox 3 debuted today to a grand response – by 10:30PM EST, the popular open source browser had been downloaded 2,751,944 times. No, we are not surprised. We’ve been using Firefox for years. And happily, may we add. Here are some of the highlights of Firefox 3: * Offers over 15,000 improvements, including the smart location […]