‘Stupid American’ Jay Palmer has Last Laugh! Infosys Crooks Fined $35m for B1 Visa Fraud

Just leave your not wanted here hope your journey brings you death stupid American (sic) – Death threat found on Infosys whistleblower Jay Palmer’s work desktop computer in 2011 after he filed a suit against the Indian software outsourcing company Ha, ha, ha! The “stupid American” Jay Palmer is having the last laugh today, at […]

New Lawsuit Alleges Infosys Discriminates Against Americans in America

The outcome of a recent lawsuit filed against Indian IT services firm Infosys Technologies Ltd will determine whether the company discriminates against Americans in America. Infosys has been sued by an American citizen Brenda Koehler in a Wisconsin court on Thursday, August 1, 2013 on charges of discriminating against non-South Asians in hiring. Alleges Company-Wide […]

Dynamite – Gonsalves Case Against Infosys

Frank Gonsalves’ lawyers are mad at Infosys. So hopping mad that they’ve recently written to the judge requesting an immediate status conference in Gonsalves’ lawsuit against Infosys. Frank Gonsalves – Bigger Threat for Infosys While much attention has been focused on Infosys’ alleged violation of U.S. Visa rules, the bigger threat for the Indian software […]

New York Times Slams Indian Coolie Factory Infosys

If it were human, Indian software services provider Infosys would be feeling a sharp pain in its back-side today. For the New York Times has thoroughly buggered India’s software darling in a critical piece posted on its home page. The NYT story says that Infosys is: facing an expanding federal investigation prompted by claims from […]

What California Laws did Infosys Violate?

Infosys Technologies Limited is considered a paragon of virtue among Indian businesses. That of course is fiction. You don’t believe us? Go look at Infosys’ IPO documents dating back to the early 1990s. What did Infosys tell you they were raising money for in the IPO prospectus? Did the company do as promised in the […]

Infosys Surrenders to California on Overtime Issue

Infosys disclosed Friday that it had settled with the California Division of Labor Standards Enforcement (DLSE) towards possible overtime payment to certain employees in California for a total amount of $26 million. The payment pertains to the last three years and such back wages will be paid to employees in due course. The California Overtime […]