Paiyaa Review – Storyless, Pathetic Piece of Shit

Paiyaa UK Box Office – Bad, Really Bad The distraught girl is chased by a bunch of Andhra thugs and must reach Bombay. Oh, no. Oh, no. You see, the smitten, besotted, desperately in love guy who is driving the girl to her grandma’s home is chased by a gang of Bombay goons and must […]

Paiya First Half – Boring Shit

(Via iPhone) It’s 9.28PM ET and the intermission. Folks, Paiya is disappointing. Same ol’ boring shit. Nothing different from what we’ve seen in a 1,000 different movies. Karthi is pleasing, of course. Tamannah is alright. The third song on the screen now. Adada Mazhada. Karthi can’t dance. Update: Back home now. Working on the full […]

Aayirathil Oruvan – Sin Not to Watch it

(For SI blog readers Shadowfax_Arbit, Gandhiji, Racer, Pauldeleo et al) Hey, which bi*ch was it that slammed Aayirathil Oruvan as a bad movie? Shut up you bi*ch, otherwise we’ll blow your f*cking brains off! Yeah, right. 😉 Indiana Jones, Redux Folks, notwithstanding the bibulous babble of the ignorati or the drivel pouring forth from the […]