Ankita & Madhuri – Sexy but Crazy

We do the shopping and chopping so you can enjoy the cooking! – Ankita and Madhuri, founders of Saffron Fix If you’re like me, you’re always famished and like any sane desi in America crave spicy Indian food. No pasta, burgers, meatballs or tacos for us. For your Indian fix in America, you have four […]

Boston Lad Kickstarts Rape Culture in India

Rape Culture in India Project gets Kickstarted (Pix courtesy: Kickstarter) Boston student Eric Holland has tapped crowd funding site Kickstarter to create a short film about the so called “Rape Culture in India” and how it can be stopped. The 20-minute documentary will identify cultural and political factors that perpetuate rape culture in India. A […]

Why Privus? – Because Power Corrupts

Privus makes your privacy both convenient and absolute. – Rick Molina, founder of EZ messaging encryption service Privus SI’s eternal, immutable law of Power posits that If you hand someone Power, he will abuse it. Power + Humans = Abuse Be it Narendra Modi, Jayalalitha, Manmohan Singh, Barack Obama or some faceless government agent at […]