Unhygienic Shithole Darbar Grill in Deep Shit for Allegedly Trying to Bribe NYC Health Inspector

Disgusting! Reports in the Wall Street Journal and other publications suggest that NYC Indian restaurant Darbar Grill is in trouble for allegedly attempting to bribe an undercover investigator for the NYC Health Department to ensure an A-grade (the highest grade of food safety and cleanliness under the city’s restaurant grading system introduced in July 2010). […]

Darbar Grill Review – Satanic Curse on NYC Diners

It’s given to few earthlings to experience Dante’s inferno. Count us among the unfortunate souls that walked into the nine fiery pathways of Hell via the portals of an NYC Indian restaurant. It was bad Karma that dragged us into Darbar Grill, a dumpster on East 55th St in Midtown Manhattan masquerading as an Indian […]