Nayantara Strips into Bare Market Oops Bear Market

Ayyayyo, Tamil film star and non-actress Nayantara’s plunge into the smutty bare market has failed to thwart this enchantress’ descent into an extended bear market. The Aegan disaster, Kuselan debacle and Satyam fiasco exposed the nymphet’s ample assets to millions but alas revealed the bare truth – like the Indian stock market or the Nasdaq, Nayantara’s […]

Nayantara in Aegan – Thigher, Higher, Wider

One of the low-points of Aegan was Nayantara’s pathetic performance. Here’s an excerpt from’s review of Aegan: If Ajith’s performance in Aegan is a study in laziness and contempt for the audience, Nayantara is hellishly bad. With her complete lack of acting skills, the sight of a scowling, shrieking and simpering Nayantara wantonly displaying […]

Aegan Review – Ultimate Kuppa (Ultimate Garbage)

Ajith’s Shame – Hey, Even Genelia’s Better than Him Aegan – Kuppa Thotilla Podu (throw this movie into the garbage bin). Compared to the devilishly bad Aegan, its Bollywood inspiration Main Hoon Na is an Oscar-worthy masterpiece and a lofty work of art. Compared to Ajith’s Ultimate Korangu like antics in Aegan, Shahrukh Khan is […]