Kochadaiiyaan – Conspiracy of Silence

So much ink was spilled on big budget Tamil movie Kochadaiiyaan (Rajinikanth, Deepika Padukone) by fawning scribes and reviewers about how the motion-capture film heralded an epochal moment in Indian movie history. Yet there’s nary a report on how much the Rs 150-crore film lost given its ho-hum response at the box office. I wouldn’t […]

Rajini Can’t – History Repeats Itself

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. So without any commentary, I offer readers the below two images (courtesy of Behindwoods). ‘Nuff said. 😉 Image Courtesy – Behindwoods ****************************************************** Image Courtesy – Behindwoods Related Kochadaiiyan Posts: Kochadaiiyan Overseas BO – Rajini Can’t

Rajinikanth is a Bloody Liar

Whew, what a journey. From a lowly bus conductor in the Bangalore Transport Service to Superstar of Tamil cinema for over two decades! And now acknowledged as a “Blockbuster” Indian living legend. No miracle this, even if Rajinikanth insists it is (see below video)! Just dogged perseverance and enormous will power! Thalaivar, Vazhga (Oh leader, […]

Quiz of the Day – On Rajinikanth

So you folks think you know all there’s to know about Rajinikanth, the Tamil Superstar nonpareil. Now before you ask Rajinikanth who, read this brief introduction. I’ll bet you my Kingdom that most of you schmucks won’t get the right answer to the below quiz. Don’t beg or bug me for any hints, clues, suggestions […]

Velaikkaran Review – Intoxicating

I have no regrets that my birth happened three centuries after the curtain came down on the European Renaissance. After all, it’s been my blessed fortune to have lived through the glorious age of Tamil cinema, from the early 1960s through 2012. Tamil cinema has been unjustly vilified and much calumny heaped on it in […]

Johnny – SI’s 2nd Favorite Rajinikanth Film

(For Hari Jr) I am a barber by profession, murderer by accident, and today a human because of you. – A repentant Vidyasagar (Rajinikanth) to Archana (Sridevi) in the Tamil film Johnny (1980) Considering the abysmal quality of most Tamil movies that are made by schmucks for schmucks, the over three-decades-old Johnny is a darn good […]

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