Closed! Bollywood Villain Shiva Natarajan’s Filthy Shithole Dhaba Closed by NYC; Dhaba has Live Roaches, Evidence of Mice etc

Update: Dhaba Reopens After Fresh Inspection Bollywood villain Shiva Natarajan must be writhing, groaning and moaning in shame after the New York City Health Department closed his unhygienic shithole Dhaba Indian restaurant on 108 Lexington Avenue following an inspection on April 3, 2012. After all, closing a restaurant is a drastic step that the NYC […]

Chola NYC has Rats, Mice, Food Contamination, Vermin Issues; NYC Health Dept Pees on Bollywood Actor Shiva Natarajan’s Chola Indian Restaurant

(A Public Service Blog Post) OMG, OMG, Rats, mice, vermin and food contamination issues? Chola NYC – Restaurant or Pig-Sty? Say, is Chola NYC on E.58th St in Midtown Manhattan an Indian restaurant or a filthy pig-sty. Folks, Rats, Mice, Vermin, Sewage and Food Contamination issues are some of the hygiene problems identified by the […]

Bollywood Actor Shiva Natarajan Loses Hygiene War at Dhaba NYC

Say, do you think Bollywood actor and restaurateur Shiva Natarajan ever takes a shower? If Shiva maintains the same poor hygiene standards on his body that he repeatedly, shamelessly demonstrates at his NYC Indian restaurants, we’re inclined to believe the fella seldom showers. You can say what you will but the man never tires of showing […]

NYC Health Dept. Pisses on Shiva Natarajan’s Dhaba

These are troubled times for Shiva Natarajan, numero uno Indian restaurateur on the U.S. East Coast and Bollywood actor. The New York City Health Department has come down heavily on Shiva’s Dhaba Indian restaurant citing mice, vermin, sewage, garbage, pesticide, prohibited chemical and a host of other unpalatable issues at this restaurant on Lexington Avenue […]