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Nov 192008

Shares of the Vikram Pandit-headed Citigroup fell a record 23% to $6.40 on Wednesday, a 13-year low.

We don’t see how Vikram Pandit, a greedy desi butcher, can survive for long in his post with the stock in free fall and the loss of investor confidence.

Pandit: Clueless?

Since Vikram Pandit took over as CEO of Citigroup in December last year, the bank’s shares have fallen nearly 80%. Continue reading »

Nov 192008

Yuvvraaj Review – Shitty Copy of Rain Man

Yuvvraaj featuring Salman Khan, Anil Kapoor, Katrina Kaif and Zayed Khan is releasing in the U.S. on November 21 2008.

Here are the showtimes for Yuvvraaj in major cities of U.S. and Canada:

Yuvvraaj Movie Showtimes in New York

New York City, NY

AMC Lowes Village 7 – Read the Review
66 3rd Ave
New York, NY 10003
Ph: 800-326-3264

Nov 21|2:45 PM|6:15 PM|9:40 PM
Nov 22|2:45 PM|6:15 PM|9:40 PM
Nov 23|2:45 PM|6:15 PM|9:40 PM
Nov 24|2:50 PM|6:15 PM|9:40 PM
Nov 25|2:50 PM|6:15 PM|9:40 PM
Click here for more theatres in New York
Yuvvraaj Movie Showtimes in New Jersey Continue reading »

Nov 192008

Gautam Menon’s mega-folly and depressingly disgusting Cooum Dump of a movie Vaaranam Aayiram (Surya), is a box office disaster in the U.K., according to the numbers from the UK Film Council.

Even trashy Tamil films like Kuselan, Kuruvi, Bheema and Billa fared better in the U.K. than Vaaranam Aayiram.

And why not – Vaaranam Aayiram is a pathetic piece of shit that had no business being released in a theatre.

If Surya and Gautam ‘inept’ Menon wanted a joy ride on the ego train, they should have limited the screening of this piece of junk to Friends & Family and not inflicted such painful agony on the paying audience.

Au contraire, Surya and Gautam ‘inept’ Menon duped us of $15 by promising a movie and showing us some ugly images flashing on the screen.

For the opening weekend (November 14-16, 2008), Vaaranam Aayiram had a pathetic opening gross of a mere £44,589, much worse than a crappy movie like Kuruvi.

Vaaranam Ayiram came in at No-16 for the opening weekend and had an average gross of £4,954, lower than Billa, Kuruvi and Kuselan but higher than Bheema and that ultimate kuppa Aegan.

Look at the numbers below to see how Vaaranam Ayiram has fared at the U.K. box office compared to a few other Tamil movies in the opening weekend:

Source: UK Film Council

For all those who hailed Vaaranam Aayiram as a masterpiece and Continue reading »

Nov 192008

Beyond pathetic.

Of the world’s 400 million broadband subscribers, India accounts for just 4.9 million subscribers, a mere 1.2% of global broadband subscribers.

Source for 400m global subscriber numbers – Broadband Forum
Source for 4.9m Indian subscribers – Telecom Regulatory Authority of India

Even the 4.9 million broadband subscriber numbers for India could be an overestimate because the TRAI considers download speeds of 256Kbps or greater as broadband.

Nov 192008

Like the persistent decrepit beggars outside any Hindu Temple in India, the three Detroit Idiots are begging, begging and begging. 

America’s struggling auto makers Ford, GM and Chrysler fell to the lowest point of their existence today when the CEOs of the three auto companies went before the U.S. Senate Banking Committee and shamelessly begged for $25 billion from the $700 billion TARP (Troubled Asset Relief Program) initiative to save their asses.

We say let them die.

The last time we checked, the governing ideology of our country has always been Capitalism. Not Bailoutism of idiot managements.

For decades, GM, Ford and Chrysler have put out junk cars that no one wants to buy.

For the last few years, they’ve mostly survived by offering hefty rebates, low interest or no interest loans, employee pricing and other gimmicks.

Do not give the three Detroit Idiots a dime and let the chips fall Continue reading »