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Jan 292013

By banning Kamal Haasan’s comeback film Vishwaroopam, the Tamil Nadu government has made the actor’s life miserable and potentially cost him crores in box office collections.

But Ulaga Madayan Kamal Haasan can take some solace from his slick action thriller’s good run at the U.S. box office.

Box office numbers put out by IndiaFM show the Tamil version of Vishwaroopam doing remarkably well in the U.S.

The Telugu version hasn’t done that well and grossed less than one-sixth the collection of the Tamil film. That’s not surprising since Kamal Haasan is not as big a draw among Telugus.

It’s not clear if the IndiaFM figures for the U.S. include the collections for Thursday. Many theatres had special “Premiere” shows of Vishwaroopam on Thursday, January 24.

Vishwaroopam Opening Weekend. Box Office Report

UK – Not So Good

However, Vishwaroopam has not done that well in the U.K.

Kamal Haasan’s Dasavatharam (2008) and Vijay’s recent crap Thuppakki did much better than Vishwaroopam.

Vishwaroopam UK Box Office Report

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  3 Responses to “Raped in Tamil Nadu, Kamal Haasan’s Vishwaroopam a Big Hit in America”

  1. Looks like Kamal Haasan has hit a bumper lottery with Vishwaroopam Responds:

    Vishwaroopamm’s success proves Islam is a greater religion than Hinduism or Christianity.

    The atheist Kamal Haaan must be contemplating building a special mosque for his “Muslim brothers” and sponsoring a Haj trip for all the protesters! 😉

    • “Vishwaroopamm’s success proves Islam is a greater religion than Hinduism or Christianity.”

      Also proves that Kamal Hassan still has it in him to deliver a good movie(going by the reviews). I would know for myself whether it lives up to the hype in a few hours.

      Of course, the controversy would have definitely created more hype and curiosity. But you can’t cite that as the only reason the movie has done well. Responds:

      The movie could have some merit….if it were playing some place nearby I’d have seen it.

      400KM is too far.

  2. I’m going to watch Vishwaroopam today.

    Yet to hear a single negative review of the movie. So naturally, expectations are high.

    Let’s see how the movie turns out. Responds:

    You write: Yet to hear a single negative review of the movie.

    I suppose you’re referring to word of mouth!

    But online, there’s this:

    But North Indians generally tend to slam South Indian stars/movies.

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