Bheema – Avoid Like the Plague

If you thought Ajith’s Billa was bad, you ain’t seen real bad until you’ve seen Vikram’s Bheema.

Bheema achieves the odious distinction of having nothing going for it.

Not the story.

Not the acting.

Not the music.

Not the dances.

And definitely not the action scenes.

Dooming this worthless piece of garbage from the get-go, is the poor attention to the story.

The story lurches around the rivalry between two criminal gangs led by Chinna (Prakash Raj) and Periyavar (Raghuvaran) with Sekhar (Vikram) joining his childhood idol Chinna’s gang and taking it to greater heights.

But the plot lacks finesse or depth.

Further, a story that centers around enmity between two criminals gangs has been recycled far too many times in Tamil films to provide any joy to fans.

Barring Prakash Raj to some extent, none of the other actors distinguish themselves in Bheema. Not even Vikram, who is an actor of high calibre as ably demonstrated by his exemplary performance in Anniyan a few years back.

But in Bheema, Vikram delivers a ho-hum Ajith-like performance.

Raghuvaran and Trisha are the worst performers in Bheema.

Raghuvaran is usually a decent actor but in Bheema, he is a caricature of his usual self.

As for Trisha (the heroine of Bheema), this young girl of bathroom video fame is pathetically unequal to the task of acting and sheer agony to behold on the screen.

In Bheema, Trisha plays Vikram’s love interest.

A graceless actress and a graceless dancer, Trisha is the kiss of death for a movie.

Surely, even the Kaiyya/Vaaya girls on Marina Beach must display more grace in their actions than this bimbo. Right?

No surprise then that while Trisha’s peers like Asin and Shriya Saran are moving on to bigger things, this young lady continues to languish in B-grade movies with C-grade roles. The only thing this utterly worthless actress seems to excel at is in tormenting Tamil movie fans.

Music is less than compelling in Bheema.

The only songs with some merit were Oru Mugamo and Rangu Rangamma. After the first two songs, the audience at Movie City on Oak Tree Road in Edison, New Jersey started groaning when yet another song started. Podhun, yelled one tired soul from one of the back rows.

Bheema must surely stand out for some of the worst dance scenes ever seen on the big screen.

Watching Trisha’s dance scenes in the Ragasiya Kanavugal song is like having your teeth pulled without anesthetic. Excruciating torture.

The action scenes in Bheema are crude and amateurish beyond description. 

Kanal Kannan’s stunts have become so predictable. Doesn’t that guy ever pick up new tricks or watch Hollywood movies?

Bheema is a saga of confusion and incompetence, from beginning to the end with nary a redeeming element.

Avoid this pathetic piece of shit called Bheema like the plague.

6 Responses to "Bheema – Avoid Like the Plague"

  1. sriny_97   January 21, 2008 at 11:35 am


    Kudos to for publishing the first honest review about this movie…I too had a nauseating headache after watching this pathetic piece of shit..Finally a critic has the boldness to write a straightforward review..Keep up the good work guys..

  2. viraajan   January 28, 2008 at 5:06 am


    Perfect review for movie like Bheema. i agree. but, “Piece of shit”. is this not an abusive or dirty term?

    Few weeks back u had asked me not to use such terms?

    ensure that u r correct b4 u advise anyone! Responds:

    Retard, you are wrong. A few weeks back, we took exception to your use of the “B” word.

    You are right. Bheema was awful. There was a collective sigh of relief from some members of the audience at the Movie City theater on Oak Tree Road (Edison, NJ) when the movie ended.

  3. viraajan   January 30, 2008 at 3:43 am


    This is the first site i have ever seen which uses terms like scumbag/mad/retard to describe the visitors. Responds:

    Sori Naayi,

    And you are probably the first visitor to call a movie reviewer “B” and “Psychopaths” (December 30, 2007, 11: 00 PM EST) just because you didn’t like his/her Billa review.

    What did you think, you retard…that we’d take your filthy abuse and keep quiet?

    Ajith would be ashamed if he knew that he had Sori Naayi fans like you.

    Except for a stray scumbag like you, most visitors to the blog behave with civility and are treated with respect.

  4. dilip   February 11, 2008 at 12:00 pm

    Ya Bheema is a big let off. i think he will bounce back with his next movie kandasamy. in some of the reviews you made a big joke. if there is any rivalism in tamil cinefield it is between Kamal and Rajni and between Ajith and Vijay. In some of the comments you have written ther is rivalism bet surya and vishal, surya and bharath what a comedy and what a “follish knowledge” you r having on tamil cinefield.
    “simbhu, vishal, bharath, jeeva, ravi are just kids to tamil field”.
    Big stars like ajith, vijay, vikram, surya(famously called as big four of tamil industry) do not even waste time by thinking about these kids. it is just like saying world superpower us uk and russia are considering somalia as their competitors in economical develpment.

  5. THARANIROBUSTER   April 15, 2008 at 4:09 am

    Hey searchindia, guys keep up the good work, i think actor Vikram had memory loss about who he is, when signing the movie , compared to his performance in Anniyan (especially when Prakash Raj enquires him) and Pithamagan, this film is a disgrace to his whole career, hoping Kandasamy will be much more better, Trisha never ever acted in her entire industry, her face straight devoid of emotions (maybe shes thinking of her dog chocolate all the time),or about (the next resort to go), is a complete disgrace, Tamil fans have to wake up or else even more a band like her will land in (no doubt ) in the future, maybe Vikram didn’t watch the film Blood Diamond (Hollywood) to give out his best performance, that’s it guys, luv ya.

  6. shades of grey   July 10, 2008 at 8:20 pm

    I’ve always appreciated Vikram’s acting, particularly in Anniyan.

    But Bheema was absolutely horrendous.

    I just wish I had read this review before putting myself through such torturous pain.

    I wasted my hard earned money buying that bloody dvd.

    I literally had it on fast forward for most of the movie. However the film did have one big highlight. The death of both Vikram and Trisha.

    I just wished it had happened sooner (in Trisha’s case at least).

    I think I may go watch ‘Tell No One’, I’m in desperate need of some quality viewing. Responds:

    We’ve heard good things about Mongol too but have yet to watch it.

    Tell No One is very nice.

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