Wi-Fi Mobile Phone Shipments to see Explosive Growth

We don’t know about you.

But over the last 12 months we’ve slowly got addicted to our Wi-Fi mobile phone (in our case, the Apple iPhone). No, we are not embarrassed to admit that it even accompanies us to the bathroom. 😉

We use our Wi-Fi mobile phone for reading news, responding to comments on the SI blog while lying in bed, watching Bollywood music videos on YouTube, watching Rajini songs, checking the weather, buying music from the iTunes digital media store et al.

So we were not surprised today to see a recent study by ABI Research finding that 77% of Wi-Fi-enabled mobile phone users are completely or very satisfied with their phone. Moreover, 74% of people with Wi-Fi on their mobile phone use it, and 77% say they will look for Wi-Fi in their next phone as well.

Rapid Growth Forecast
forecasts the number of Wi-Fi enabled mobile phone shipments per year will reach 141 million in 2009, 300 million in 2011 and 520 million by 2014.

Other highlights from the ABI study:

*  90% of smartphones will have Wi-Fi by 2014 compared to 44% of smartphones currently
*  59% of Wi-Fi phone users have owned their phones for less than a year
*  56% use their Wi-Fi-enabled mobile phones for both business and personal purposes

BTW, are Wi-Fi mobile phones popular in India?

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