Movie Critics Spit on Vijay’s Sura

Film critics have spoken and the verdict is that Tamil movie star Vijay’s 50th film Sura is garbage.

Here’s a sample of reviews of Sura:


(T)here is no variety in the film and it happens to be a usual Vijay fare. The script seems to be a combination from his earlier ventures.

…There are umpteen numbers of irrational scenes in the film that has even the Vijay fans squirm in their seats with dissatisfaction. The classic example is when the actor lights up the stove with the flip of his fingers.

….The negative aspects of Sura are no doubt the music, illogical, if not slow screenplay, gravity defying stunts, slow moving scenes.


But there are few actors, like Vijay, still living in the world of myths and not ashamed for giving half baked films like Kuruvi, Villu, Vettaikkaran, Sura and cheating the so called die hard fans continuously.

Sura, the 50th film of Vijay is surely a disaster in his 19 years old career. The story is as old as hills and the sequences are stale and repeated. Vadivelu is the only plus point in this two and half hour horrible experience. Another important point is, S P Rajkumar, who always made some B grade films, wasted a golden opportunity to establish himself as a front line entertainment filmmaker.

….Nothing special to mention in Vijay’s action, stunts and even his comical scenes irritate a lot.


Movie-wise, Sura follows the done-to-death formula from the hoary days of MGR, so if you’re expecting an intelligent script, disappointment will ensue. S P Raajkumar’s screenplay looks like it’s been patched together to allow for the songs and fight sequences, and has little cohesion. Of logic and rationale, there’s pitifully little. Sura is, however, a sort of pseudo-manifesto for Vijay, future politician.

Folks, Sura is not your usual crappy Vijay film.

Au contraire, it’s a colossus of nonsense, easily one of the worst Tamil movies the bozo has featured in.

….In a movie chockablock with nonsense, the court scene, the fight scene on the road when Vijay and Tamanna are driving in the Audi and the closing fight on the boat stand out for igniting our fury at the sheer amateurishness of it all.

The movie and several scenes in it seem tailored to pander to Vijay’s political ambitions with the entertainment for the paying audience taking a back seat.

And that’s a mighty big disgrace.

Sure, some of the critics may have a nice thing or two to say about the movie but the overall point they make is that Sura is below par.

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  1. elnino.aurora   April 30, 2010 at 7:21 pm

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    I came across this review of Sura… funny 😉 Responds:

    We deleted your above link because it connects to a Tamil Language blog.

    Please post links only to English blogs/newspapers/sources since SI is read by non-Tamil knowing people as well.

    • STG   April 30, 2010 at 8:06 pm

      you mean you cant read Tamil (its like your fav actress Trisha, a Tamil origin, denying to dub in her voice 😉 fearing of the identity “Tamil girl” ) Responds:

      Whoever said we can’t read Tamil!

      We prefer English.

      Trisha who? 😉

      • elnino.aurora   April 30, 2010 at 8:19 pm

        Hope you read it… 😀 Had a few very select words for Vijay..

        [Tamil words deleted]

        Too good! Responds:


        We’ll leave the Tamil words to the Tamil blogs. 😉

  2. SRINIVAS   May 2, 2010 at 1:19 am

    why remove tamil words ….put a translation along with the original …..this reminds me of creations of Lord Macaulay ……they exists all over the place Responds:

    1. Because this is an English language blog.

    2. Macaulay was quite an interesting character. His trenchant essays on Clive, Hastings, Pitt, Samuel Johnson, William Cecil (Burleigh) et al make for very interesting reading.

    Here’s a short introduction to Macaulay.

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