Jilla Review – Vandhi aka Vomit

A three-hour long unparalleled nightmare, Jilla is Vijay’s vile imprecation against Tamils. Visually unappealing, silly beyond description and worthless beyond redemption, this atrocity of a movie muddles through one offensive frame after another. Hates Khaki – Loves Khaki To ensure that feeble-minded Vijay fans can easily understand the film, Jilla director R.T. Neason (story, screenplay […]

Jilla, Veeram – Govinda, Govinda!

Venkataramana Govinda, Govinda! Each time a Tamil film releases, I temporarily regain my faith in God, and send up the above Govinda prayer to none other than Balaji of the Seven Hills seeking divine remission from the plague. I beseech the Lord to turn crappy Tamil movies into duds. And each time Balaji unfailingly lets […]

Thalaivaa Review – God, Spare Us Jilla

After the nightmarish ordeal of sitting through Punnaku Pandi’s last movie, Thalaivaa (Leader), the other day, all I can say is that the Tamil Nadu political leadership is far wiser than I gave them credit for. Just in case you’d forgotten, Jilla’s release was delayed in August 2013 over “security threats” to theaters and brought […]

Thuppakki Review – Whopping Nonsense

I’ve got to hand it to Joseph Vijay and A.R.Murugadoss, the malefactors behind the thoroughly unwatchable Thuppakki. Say what you will but these two cheaptains of Tamil cinema have a bizarre sense of humor. After launching a vicious sleeper cell attack against the Indian Army and making the force look like a bunch of buffoons, […]

Thuppakki gets So-So Opening

Thuppakki Review – Whopping Nonsense Joseph Vijay’s new film Thuppakki opened to a so-so response today. At a theatre on the U.S. East Coast, there were about 85 people for the opening, premiere show of Thuppakki. Besides Vijay, Thuppakki features Kajal Aggarwal. A.R.Murugadoss is the director. Murugadoss is also responsible for story, screenplay and dialogs. […]

Google, Google Panni Parthen – New Bing?

Thuppakki Review – Whopping Nonsense If Tamil film star Vijay’s recent films abominations are any indication, then his upcoming Diwali release Thupakki is likely to go the way of Bing! Get my drift? 😉 Here’s a song from Thupakki. We must warn you that the lyrics are ridiculous, silly, silly beyond redemption. Google, Google Pannin […]

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