PinGin- A Quick, Sweet, Delightful Cocktail

It’s 2AM on the East Coast, we’ve just finished our first Dean Koontz book (The Good Guy).

And we can’t sleep.

So we do what we do best under the circumstances – Pour ourselves a drink.

Tired of our usual Gin and Soda and also having run out of Soda, we decided to make ourselves a cocktail.

Earlier this evening, we had purchased a big pack of Dole Piña colada 100% juice.

Come on, who doesn’t love a Piña colada cocktail, right?

But instead of Vodka (the standard liquor used in the Piña colada cocktail), we added Burnett’s Gin (the one in the green bottle) to the Piña colada juice.

We took a long glass, added roughly 23% Gin and 77% Piña colada and stirred it with a straw. Since we like things extra-cold, we kept the cocktail – let’s call it PinGin – in the freezer for a few minutes.

With Mo’pleez Nimbu Masala Indian snack on the side, PinGin makes for a delightful cocktail.

Sweet Nirvana. 😉

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