PinGin- A Quick, Sweet, Delightful Cocktail

It’s 2AM on the East Coast, we’ve just finished our first Dean Koontz book (The Good Guy). And we can’t sleep. So we do what we do best under the circumstances – Pour ourselves a drink. Tired of our usual Gin and Soda and also having run out of Soda, we decided to make ourselves […]

Cocktail of the Day – Orberry

In these hot May days when the mercury soars and our spirits plummet, tis’ time for some nice spirits to get us into the mood for more writing. A few minutes back, we tried this variation of the Martini that we’ll call Orberry. 1. Pour freshly squeezed sweet Orange juice into a tall glass till […]

White Russian – If there’s a Heaven, this is It

(For SI blog readers Mallukuttan, Shadowfax_Arbit, Gandhiji et al) Ever since we watched Oscar winner Jeff Bridges’ old comedy The Big Lebowski, we’ve been dying to try out the White Russian. If you remember the movie, that’s The Dude’s favorite drink. As a matter of fact, White Russian’s popularity in recent years owes to The […]