Golmaal 3 is Rubbish, Say Critics

Golmaal 3 featuring Ajay Devgan, Arshad Warsi et al released today.

Alas, what the so-called comedy evoked from some Indian film critics was not laughs but their ire.

Here’s what a bunch of movie critics had to say on Golmaal 3:


The best thing that can be said about Golmaal 3 is that it both enters and exits your system rather comprehensively, leaving behind nothing either memorable or of consequence.

If you’re looking for a scene to quote later, this is not the film. Really.

If you have suffered through either the half-funny Golmaal or the dimwitted Golmaal Returns, you know what to expect from this franchise built sacrilegiously on the name of one of the funniest comedies in Hindi film history: an Ajay Devgan [ Images ] vanity project where he plays a halfbaked hero while a returning ensemble cast of actors and comics monkeys around, hamming like mad, and led memorably by a mute Tushhar Kapoor….

The jokes are ill-conceived, and constantly over-written. The dialogue is tacky, witless, puerile. And, for no reason other than the director having a crash-bang fetish, there are prolonged fight sequences and all manner of cars and boats and rollercoasters are destroyed. To match our sleep cycles


[T]here really isn’t much of a story to tell.

Basically, five unemployed men live with their parents and do nothing constructive all day except play pranks on each other.

There are all kind of gags to support this “laugh all you can” package that the film offers viewers. Most of them involve some form of slapstick or toilet humour. I cannot think of a single scene that has clever writing or a genuine comic moment.

I don’t understand the logic of leave-your-brain-behind movies. I take my brain everywhere I go, including to Rohit Shetty’s films. And let me tell you, my brain didn’t like this one. In fact, thanks to this film, even the festive feeling is gone. Stay away from “Golmaal 3”.

Indian Express:

[T]his time around, the laugh-out-loud stretches are few and far between, mainly because we’ve seen these same guys doing the same things before, and also because the gags are running out of steam quicker….Shetty’s third part of the franchise never rises above a cut-and-paste quickie, which needed to be much sillier to really hit the spot. It sparks only in a few parts ( there’s a hilarious silent set between the five men, which tells you just how funny the director can be), as well as a few rib-cracking dialogues.

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