Band Baaja Baaraat BO – Bada Disaster

If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a gazillion times – that creature Anushka Sharma is not Bollywood star material.

Maybe, an extra at the back of a crowd scene.

We’re reminded of what Stalin once told Lenin’s wife. In a fury, the Russian leader told Lenin’s wife that just because she used the same toilet as Lenin didn’t make her great. Similarly, just because a little twit acts with Shahrukh Khan doesn’t make her star material.

To make a movie with that Anushka thing is to invite disaster.

And that’s what we have at the U.S. box office with Band Baaja Baaraat. A Bada disaster, guys.

Why Yash Raj even released this film in theaters is a mystery. They should have just struck a deal with Patel Brothers and Apna Bazaar in NYC and NJ – Buy $10 worth grocery Grocery, get Band Baaja Baaraat DVD free. Or dumped it outside the desi grocery stores in Jackson Heights (NY) and on Oak Tree Road (NJ) like they do with the free Indian newspapers.

For the opening December 10-12, 2010 weekend, Band Baaja Baaraat grossed a puny $43,820 and had a gross average of $1,369.

Here’s how Band Baaja Baaraat fared at the U.S. box office compared to a few prominent Bollywood films:

Band Baaja Baaraat Box Office Report

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