India Digest – J&K on Boil; Talentless Bollywood Bozo; Stalinist Regime; Murderous Police

* Sick F*cks in Jammu & Kashmir – No, you cannot hoist the Indian National Flag in the Muslim-dominated, disputed state of Jammu & Kashmir. Should you try, you’ll be deported to India. Ha ha ha. Somebody, please kick out these two idiots Omar Abdullah and Manmohan Singh.
(The Hindu)

* Income Tax Raids on Priyanka Chopra – What a shame that only the Income Tax dept raided the premises of this utterly worthless Bollywood actress. If only the Department of Quality Control had joined in, this disgustingly bad actress would have been exposed for her repeated depravities – masquerading as acting – on the screen. By the way, the IT dept raided the premises of that zombie actress Katrina Kaif too.

* Allah, be Praised, Dhobi Ghat didn’t do Well – There must be a God, after all. Dhobi Ghat turned in a mediocre performance at the U.S. box office.

* Is a Stalinist regime coming to Tamil Nadu? – Perhaps. The fossil a.k.a. Karunanidhi is hinting of leaving the Chief Minister’s post and becoming president of the DMK party. This means fossil’s son Stalin will be the next Chief Minister. 🙁
(The Hindu)

* Murder at close quarters – The Andhra Pradesh has turned murder into a fine art.
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  1. rama dasa   January 27, 2011 at 10:48 am

    im not a politician,but who the hell has the right to tell india that they cant hoist their own flag IN THEIR OWN COUNTRY???!!!!!

    I agree with the BJP and RSS that the so called “national congress” is really the ANTI-national congress

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