India vs Bangladesh 2 – Bangla Batting

OK folks, SI and, of course, the players are back again.

11:22AM EST (9:52PM IST) – India (370-4) win opening 2011 ICC World Cup match against Bangladesh (283-9) in Mirpur, Bangladesh

11:18AM EST (9:48PM IST) – Harbajan Singh bowling final over.

11:14AM EST – Shafiul Islam run out. Superb throw by Harbajan Singh. Singh is King. 😉 Bangladesh 280-9.

11:12AM EST – Zaheer Khan scalps second Bangladesh batsman. Abdur Razzak LBW.

11:04AM EST – Munaf Patel Claims 4th victim. Naaem Islam LBW.
Bangladesh 275-7.

10:55AMEST – Down, Down. Another Bangla Wicket down. Mahmudullah bowled by Munaf Patel (3 for 35). Bangladesh 261-6.

10:48AM EST – Mahmudullah is new batsman in.

10:46AM EST – End Nears. Mushfiqur Rahim Out. Bangladesh 248-5.

10:34 – Bangla Captain Shakib al Hasan Out. Game Over. Bangladesh 234-4

10:13AM EST – Bangladesh has no chance, folks. The match is OVER. Asking Rate – 10.81. Bangladesh 198-3

10:02 AM EST – Tamim Iqbal out. Munaf Patel Strikes again. Bangladesh 188-3.

9:55AM EST -Superb Six by Tamim Iqbal. Too little too late? Asking Run Rate – 10.11

9:33AM EST – Asking Run Rate 9:36. No Chance.

9:26AM EST – Junnaid Siddique Stumped. Bangladesh 129-2

9:24AMEST – Outlook getting grim for Bangladesh. 129-1 @ end of 23rd over.

Where are the Boundaries and Sixes?

9:12AM EST – Ha ha ha. Bangladesh thinks it’s playing a Test Match.  112-1 in 19 overs.

Asking Run Rate 8.35

9:02AM EST – Bangladesh asking Run Rate over 8. 🙂

8:56AM EST (7:26PM IST) – Bangladesh 93-1 @ end of 15 overs. Getting a li’l slow now.

We need one more wicket, guys.

8:46 AM EST – Yusuf Pathan misses catch. Chutia! 🙁

8:36AM EST – Zaheer Khan keeps Bangla batsmen on tight leash.

8:31AM EST -Bangladesh 64-1 @ end of 9th over.

8:27AM EST – A magnificent Six by Junaid Siddique. 🙁

8:24AM EST – Bangladesh 58-1 @ end of 8 overs.

8:20AM EST (6:45PM IST)  – Hooray. Imrul Kayes bowled.

Munaf Patel is da man!

Bangladesh 56-1 at the end of 7th over.

8:09AM EST – Imrul Kayes in great form. Sreesanth PUNISHED. 24 runs coming in the over. Disgusting. Bangladesh 51-0 at end of 5th over.

8:06 AM EST- Imrul Kayes on rampage. 3 Boundaries in 3 balls!

8:04AM EST – Another Boundary by Imrul. 🙁 Guys, tighten the bowling. Bangladesh 27-0.

7:59AM EST – Left-hand batsmen Imrul Kayes hits two boundaries at Sreesanth’s expense 🙁

Bangladesh 21-0 at end of 3rd over.

7:55 AM EST – Bangladesh 13-0 at end of 2nd over. Keep up the pressure, guys!

7:44 AM EST (6:14PM IST) – Bangladesh is batting now.

Sreesanth bowling.

India asks for a referral on a close one. No luck. 🙁

5 Responses to "India vs Bangladesh 2 – Bangla Batting"

  1. logu   February 19, 2011 at 8:32 am

    hey SI,
    its really amusing to see you enjoying the cricket match this match.. BTW, it was ferocious display by sehwag and kohli .. Unfortunate for sehwag to get dismissed that way nevertheless, it was fantastic to watch.. Hope you enjoy the rest of the season.. (it could be better if you could reduce the no of postings for a single match.. the worldcup runs for a long 6 weeks hope you could save some of your energy and give us reviews at the end of each innings instead of updating regularly so that you can also enjoy)
    Keep rocking dear enjoy the carnival.. throw away nadusi naigal, pannigal of that copycat menon… Responds::

    We’re enjoying it too! It’d have been nice to see Sehwag get Double Century.

    Will try to have some movie reviews too in-between the matches!

    Most likely, will not watch Nadunisi Naigal. Swines wasted our time yesterday.

    • boopalanj   February 19, 2011 at 12:07 pm

      My friend just sent me an SMS – ‘Nadunisi Naaigal – Not worth watching even its poster’…

      Anyhow, I’ll let you reserve your judgment..!!!

      😉 Responds:

      We’re not driving 250 miles again.

      Let Gautam ‘Chutia’ Menon learn to send his prints here (to the U.S.) on time.

      Shows were canceled at Big Cinemas in NJ yesterday because prints didn’t arrive.

      This kind of nonsense never happens with Bollywood (Hindi) films. The Bollywood folks run a very streamlined operation.

      These Tamil film producers are most unprofessional. They waste so much of our time. 🙁

  2. logu   February 19, 2011 at 8:34 am

    hey what about the commentary? is it the ESPN star cricket crew or is the englishmen from Skysports? Responds:

    Not sure. Keep hearing Sunil Gavaskar, Ravi Shastri et al.

    Watching, blogging & breakfasting at same time. 😉

    • shady   February 19, 2011 at 12:04 pm

      sunil gavaskar takes commentary standards to a new low.
      “singles are like loose change to sehwag”
      “what would sehwag say to sachin?–sorry paaji!”—-on worldwide live telecast? WTF?
      bcci(or is it star sports?) chutiyas dont even care to hire some decent commentators. Responds:

      You write: sunil gavaskar takes commentary standards to a new low.

      That Gavaskar fella used to bug the hell out of us in his batting days with his slooooow scoring.

      It was like watching the corn grow. 🙁

      Painful to watch.

  3. sam   February 19, 2011 at 11:09 am



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