100% Love – 200% Silly

To describe the new Telugu movie 100% Love (Naga Chaitanya, Tamannaah Bhatia) as a hopelessly silly piece of trash would be to bestow an extravagant compliment on the clumsy grotesquerie.

That in this day and age, 100 plus years into the motion picture business, some Telugu people put out such rank amateur stuff and then dare call such juvenilia a movie is the acme of temerity.

Stupid, Silly, Worthless

We cringed in shame, in disgust at the nonsense transpiring on the screen.

How people can entrust this rank incompetent fella Sukumar with the story and direction of a movie, an onerous responsibility even for talented souls, is an unfathomable mystery to us.

Given the asinine title, aimed doubtless at the 13-22 age group, the movie is not surprisingly a romance.

If you want more, it’s a love story between teenagers Balu Mahindra (Naga Chaitanya) and Mahalakshmi (Tamannaah), who are also cousins.

Mahalakshmi, a mediocre student, comes to her uncle’s house in the big city to join a college, the same institution where Balu is the topper.

Like scores of those silly Mills & Boon stories, it’s disdain initially from the boy’s side although Mahalakshmi is obviously besotted with her bava Balu.

In between, you get generous, repeated displays of Tamannaah’s midriff, endure her obsession for chicken leg pieces (really) and go nuts over that irritating click sound she makes. If these kinda nonsense are what the younger generation Telugus are attracted to, then Andhra Pradesh has little to hope from its Gen-Y (or is it Gen-Z).

The college scenes are stupid with the principal changing the names of the building and behaving like a dolt while the students are either singing and dancing or writing exams feverishly. The home scenes with the family and all the young kids are unendurable. And the confrontation scenes between the lead pair definitely had simian involvement behind the camera and in every other aspect.

As if all these were not bad enough, we’re introduced to the separation of grandparents, grandpa’s anger, grandma’s heart-attack and other such nonsense.

What’s a love story without a clown trying to throw the spanner in the works, right?

And so we have a character called Ajit who causes us great anguish with the stupid Ajit is Great statement that threatens to derail the romance of Balu and Mahalakshmi.

Less than Average Acting & Mediocre Music

Neither Naga Chaitanya nor Tamannaah Bhatia have much acquaintance with the acting thing and do little to make this junk endurable.

Both do a terrible job when Naga Chaitanya’s character declares his love to her in a drunken stupor toward the end of the movie. In a movie choc-a-bloc with unwatchable scenes this was the worst.

Neither the music nor the dances sent us into raptures.

As for the item number Diyalo Diyalo, it’s one of the crassest, crudest pieces of junk we’ve seen on the screen.

Folks, 100% Love is not a movie made by humans for humans.

Au contraire, it’s trash peddled to you in the form of flashing images.

Say a resounding No to garbage like 100% Love!

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