Avan Ivan Opens to Poor Reviews

Avan Ivan, which released in theaters today, has received poor reviews from a bunch of movie critics.

Directed by Bala, the film features Vishal, Arya and G.M.Kumar among others.

Here’s a sample of critical reviews for Avan Ivan:


It looks like the film has been made with no proper script,….Yuvan`s music is nothing much to write about. Arthur Wilson`s camera is fantastic, especially the chase in the forest. Suresh Urs`s editing is crisp as the film (2 hours and 9 minutes) moves at a rapid pace.

Bala has made the film without a proper script. It looks like the award winning director wanted to make a film with two saleable stars aimed only at the box-office. If the film works at all, it works in bits and sequences featuring the mad hatters Vishal and Arya, who play to the gallery.


The problem, you notice, is that Avan Ivan delivers very little of the things it promises….The stumbling block arrives in the form of writer S Ramakrishnan’s dialogues, which aren’t that funny, and the crowd, which bursts into spontaneous laughter whenever each brother arrives, soon lapses into a puzzled silence….You’re never quite sure what and how Vishal and Arya’s characters are supposed to be shaped. You never really feel any affinity towards them. You’re not inclined to laugh at their antics, feel for their sorrows and their sudden shifts in character don’t gel well at all. The leading men try very hard (Vishal, especially, with his squint), but ultimately can’t carry off such flaky roles.


The writing, which lets down the movie big time, turns out to be erroneous, as the screenplay remains vague and directionless. One could literally become puzzled and impatient over the proceeding of the story until a twist that appears only during last 30minutes of the movie.


Terrible, Unimaginable Torture

Of course, some of the critics may have a positive word or two to say but the overall sentiment is that Avan Ivan is not up to snuff.

Folks, we strongly recommend you stay away from this piece of trash aka Avan Ivan.

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