Paradesi Box Office Report – Miserable

UK Tamils have raised their middle finger to Bala’s latest movie Paradesi. Is this the beginning of the end for Bala whose reputation has rested on producing “realistic” films on the subalterns (people living on the margins of society)? Related Stories Paradesi Review – Bala Moons Yet Again

Paradesi Review – Bala Moons Yet Again

by Madmax673 Summary – A flat out mockery of the struggles of tea plantation workers. Hmm… ennatha solla (what else to say?) Indha Kollywood karunkaali paya Bala marubadiyum marubadiyum sootha kaatran (this Kollywood empty dickhead moons at us over and over again). Folks, say what you want to say – a dude who doesn’t know […]

Avan Ivan Opens to Poor Reviews

Avan Ivan, which released in theaters today, has received poor reviews from a bunch of movie critics. Directed by Bala, the film features Vishal, Arya and G.M.Kumar among others. Here’s a sample of critical reviews for Avan Ivan: Sify: It looks like the film has been made with no proper script,….Yuvan`s music is nothing much […]

Avan Ivan Review – Terrible, Unimaginable Torture

By Naveen Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, People of all ages – SI brings to you the first comprehensive review on the Internet of the new Tamil Film “Avan Ivan” (starring Vishal, Arya, G.M. Kumar, Janani Iyer, Madhu Shalini and Ambika. Director: Bala). Director Bala – True Elements After directing alleged “gems” like Pitamagan […]

Naan Kadavul Review – Kadavule Kapathu

UK Tamils Show Middle Finger to Bala’s Naan Kadavul Some 25 minutes into Naan Kadavul, we cried out in helpless agony – Kadavule Kapathu (God, please help us). But the almighty Kadavul did not deign to respond to our cry for mercy because it was beyond even his powers to salvage this movie. Disappointing, Very […]