Paradesi Review – Bala Moons Yet Again

by Madmax673

Summary – A flat out mockery of the struggles of tea plantation workers.

Hmm… ennatha solla (what else to say?)

Indha Kollywood karunkaali paya Bala marubadiyum marubadiyum sootha kaatran (this Kollywood empty dickhead moons at us over and over again).

Folks, say what you want to say – a dude who doesn’t know how to frame or compose a shot without physically abusing actors is not a filmmaker.


Obviously this alleged filmmaker has the intention of making the movie as “realistic” as possible, but the reality fades away as one is left without any sort of empathy for those poor souls who endured torture under British rule.


Loosely based on a novel “Eriyum Panikkaadu” which is a Tamil translation of the 1969 novel “Red Tea by Paul Harris Daniel, the story is set in the village of Salur of Sivangangai district.

Adharva plays “Rasa” a.k.a. “otti peruki” a.k.a. “kusu perukki”, a village crier who is treated with prejudice by everybody for reasons unknown!?

The only person who cares for him is “Angamma” played by Vedhika.

She cares for him so much that they end up sleeping together.

The result is the eternal curse of Kollywood where a woman gets pregnant in “ore shot” (single f*ck) 😉

Her mom disowns her and she ends up in Rasa’s house until a broker hired by British tea plantation owners tricks them into becoming coolies.

From then, things take a downward spiral that ends apathetically on a sad note.


Adharva – There is nothing to blame him for since in 90% of the frames he is shown either crying or being beaten up or the typical Bala’s psychopathic look with those weird eyes. So his performance is nothing but Bala’s buttocks.

Vedhika – She plays a so-so playful girl “ongamma….sorry Angamma” (as the compounder refers her name that way reading a letter) who often teases Rasa by referring to him as “Kusu perukki” (fart raiser). Bala’s fetish for kuckooskaries (janitors) is quiet evident as he has transformed a decent looking actress into an ugly village girl in the name of realism with the weird hair-do.

Other than these two, none of the characters stick in one’s mind.

Dhansikha plays Maragadham who has some grace but as we try to take a liking for her character she gets struck with a disease and Bala kills her with glee.


As we try to root for any of these characters, the snail paced movie loses even more pace by the sudden entry of a weird pot-bellied doctor and his British wife who comes to treat people with the deal of converting them into Christians.

And what was the British guy eating from the girl!? Her booger? Gross!

And what is with the middleman kneeling down and going “My Lord…My lord”.


While we try to empathize with the coolies’ grief there comes a totally unnecessary song with the doctor and British wife dancing like monkeys for “Thannai Thaaane”.

Is this what you call realism!?

The Cinematography was good.

However, it didn’t give a real sense of time period as claimed by the story.

The only redeeming factor is the music.

While the songs “Seneer Thaana” and “Avatha paiyaa” stand out from the rest, the background score is above average.

Oh, another redeeming factor was the maintenance of the BigCinemas in Loehmann’s twin at Falls Church. A lot better than “MovieCity” in Edison, NJ.

There was some sadness and poignancy by the end of “Naan Kadavul” and we embraced it.

Au contraireParadesi ends up mocking the coolies without a solid purpose of entertainment.

Raise the Middle Finger

When I heard of actor Murali’s premature demise, I was saddened.

I guess things do happen for a reason. Murali is really blessed not to have seen the torture his son Adharva endured at the hands of a so called filmmaker.

Naan panjam polaikka $12 selavazhichuttaen. (I spent $12 to feed myself).

Unless you’re desperate to walk out of the theater with a constipated grimace, don’t even go shopping near a theater this abomination is running in.

10 Responses to "Paradesi Review – Bala Moons Yet Again"

  1. Naveen   March 15, 2013 at 11:39 pm

    I have not seen Paradesi but I completely trust this review.

    One cannot expect any better from this fellow. Responds:

    Yes, I remember your sacrifice for Avan Ivan. 😉

  2. Vinith   March 16, 2013 at 1:52 am

    Even I trust this review.

    Doesn’t the idiot get tired of making the same kind of movies all the time?

    He’s throwing bullsh*t to the audience in the name of realism.

    But the audience seems to willingly accept it.

    I don’t know how the reviews are for Paradesi though.

    Btw, howdy SI? Responds:

    Hello sweetie!

    You write: But the audience seems to willingly accept it.

    Now, you’ve hit the nail right on the head!

    BTW, Madmax673, the reviewer, is a U.S. based connoisseur of both Indian and foreign cinema.

    • Vinith   March 16, 2013 at 9:32 pm

      “BTW, Madmax673, the reviewer, is a U.S. based connoisseur of both Indian and foreign cinema.”

      That’s interesting.

      I’d definitely like to see more of his reviews.

      SI, unga kitta ippo rendu adimaigal sikkitaanga 😛

      just kidding 😛

  3. Vinith   March 16, 2013 at 2:00 am

    I guess the movie’s title says it all.

    Yes, the viewer is a ‘paradesi’ for still coming to the theater to watch Bala’s movies.

    • Madmax673   March 16, 2013 at 11:03 am

      @ Vinith: Yes, the viewer is a ‘paradesi’ for still coming to the theater to watch Bala’s movies.

      The ‘vagabond’ 😉

  4. boopalanj   March 16, 2013 at 3:01 pm

    Poor Madmax673 wasted part of his/her life watching this trash and writing a review. 🙁 Responds:

    Madmax673 considers watching movies, of any genre, an education!

    BTW, Madmax673 traveled 200-miles (round-trip) to see Paradesi, surely the farthest anyone has traveled to see Paradesi.

    I bet even director Bala’s father wouldn’t travel 320-km to see his son’s film. 😉

    • Vinith   March 16, 2013 at 9:27 pm


      200 miles? You really are MAD. 😛 Responds:

      It’s also called Commitment, Passion, etc. 😉

    • Madmax673   March 16, 2013 at 11:09 pm

      @ boopalanj: Poor Madmax673 wasted part of his/her life watching this trash and writing a review. 🙁

      Mathematically not true.

      I compensated my lost time by watching “The Green Mile” once again — an absolute masterpiece! (180 minutes) 😉

      Directed by Frank Darabont who became a fan and a friend of Stephen King bought the rights for a short story by him “Shawshank Redemption and Rita Hayworth” for $1.00 😉

      A dollar is still a priceless! Responds:

      I have not seen The Green Mile but I’ve watched Shawshank Redemption and Hearts in Atlantis (Anthony Hopkins), both based on King’s books.

      • Madmax673   March 16, 2013 at 11:53 pm

        I’ll check out Hearts in Atlantis.

        But don’t miss “The Green Mile”. Responds:

        Hearts in Atlantis is not a landmark but Anthony Hopkins makes it come alive.

        Added Green Mile to NFLX queue!

  5. badri34   March 16, 2013 at 8:38 pm

    @ Madmax673 – Thanks for $12 Savings.

    Like SI, I did not like even Naan Kadavul.

    Surprised that crappy movie fetched National Award to Bala. Responds:

    Awards mean nothing in India.

    Just you wait, one of these days, Abhishek Bachchan will win the Satyajit Ray award for contribution to Indian cinema. 🙁

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