Badrinath First Half – Mindless Garbage

Badrinath Review – Endless Abyss of Nonsense

By God, Allu Arjun has inflicted more damage on Telugu cinema than anyone else in living memory.

To all those who think Badrinath and Amarnath are merely holy places for Hindus, stop dreaming.

Badrinath, the movie, would have you believe they are fighting grounds or a romping ground for skimpily clad lovers.

All Arjun overacts, as is his practice.

Tamannah is as usual clueless.

The story is silly beyond description.

Allu Arjun aka Badri has been stabbed all over. The girl has been kidnapped in a white SUV.

Not even Lord Badrinath can save us from this kinda garbage.

Thank God for the intermission.

Full review coming soon in a separate post.

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Badrinath Review – Endless Abyss of Nonsense

2 Responses to "Badrinath First Half – Mindless Garbage"

  1. sam   June 10, 2011 at 12:18 am

    hindi tamizh porathunnu telungu vereya? kashta padanumnu vidhi! Responds:

    Whip me, Whip me!

    Whip me, more, please! 😉

    Full review of Badrinath coming soon. 🙁

    Having a large glass of Gin+Guava Juice after the ordeal.

  2. Naveen   June 10, 2011 at 1:24 am

    Enna kodumai SI idhu? 😀 Responds:

    Badrinath Review – Endless Abyss of Nonsense

    They say the side-effects of a Telugu film last only six hours.

    It’s 1:35AM ET now.

    So we should be alright in the morning. 😉

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