Season 2 of Telugu Crime Drama Starts May 5

Raghunandan Yandamuri Trial Start Date - May 5, 2014Note to all Telugu biddas in America – Cancel or postpone everything you’ve scheduled for May 2014.

Now by everything, I mean everything – Trips to India, marriages, engagements, divorces, deaths, deliveries, mother-in-law’s visit to the U.S. for delivery-assistance, father-in-law’s hernia surgery,  H1B extension application, Green Card stamping etc.

Hey Tollywood producers – Make sure you don’t release any of your Mahesh Babu, Allu Arjun, Ram Charan Teja et al, monsterpieces in May 2014.

Montgomery County Common Pleas Court Judge Steven T. O’Neill today set May 5, 2014 as the tentative trial date for the criminal case of notorious Telugu bidda and unsuccessful gambler Raghunandan Yandamuri, who is charged in the twin Venna murders that rocked Pennsylvania in October 2012.

May 5, 2014 – Folks, mark the red letter day in your calendars.

Season 2, the highlight of which is the Trial, is the real deal.

Think of Season 1 (police interrogation, arrest and pre-trial motions) as Chicken 65, the appetizer.

The Trial is the entree, the Dum Biryani you guys have been lusting for. 😉

Yandamuri’s family members are expected to visit Amreeka as witnesses for the trial.

Presumably, the Pennsylvania tax payers will be footing the bill for their visit.

Pennsylvania tax payers are already paying for Yandamuri’s public defender attorneys.

The prosecution is seeking the death penalty for Raghunandan Yandamuri given the heinous nature of the crimes the Telugu bidda is charged with.

Yandamuri – Back in Court

Meanwhile, Raghu Yandamuri was in court today for cross-examination by the prosecution on his motion to suppress his written statement and the bizarre video confession he gave to the police on October 26, 2012 regarding his participation in the crime that led to the death of baby Saanvi Venna and her grandmother Satyavathi Venna in their King of Prussia apartment on October 22, 2012.

Answering questions from Montgomery County Assistant District Attorney Samantha Cauffman, Yandamuri stuck to his story in which he blamed the police.

This is the same tack Yandamuri took in his interview with an Indian TV channel in October 2013.

Yandamuri said today he signed the statements to the police because he felt that was the only way to be able to talk to, and save his wife, who he considered to be in danger.

According to Yandamuri, when he attempted to write about the involvement of three men (who he alleges are the real culprits) the police detectives did not allow him to do so on the ground that there was no time to get into such details.

Judge O’Neill is expected to rule on various motions including suppressing Yandamuri’s written statement to the police and video confession, and barring the death penalty some time next month.

Raghunandan Yandamuri will turn 28 on February 21.

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6 Responses to "Season 2 of Telugu Crime Drama Starts May 5"

  1. kage_11   January 14, 2014 at 6:23 am

    Off Topic: I think you should start one thread for Incredible America, just like you do for India.

    Seriously, how silly can you get for a reason to kill some one? Responds:

    You write: Seriously, how silly can you get for a reason to kill some one?

    You want silly reasons for murder?

    Look at India:

    Religion – Desh Ka Ek Number Chutiya Narendra Modi

    Boredom, Seeking New Thrills, Drunk Driving – Bollywood Savage Salman Khan

    Now the two pigs have come together –

    • kage_11   January 23, 2014 at 11:42 pm

      I take back my words of asking you to blog about Incredible America stories as well…

      Well, with each passing day, India and its men compete to outdo the previous heinous act.

      As if, there is a competition, as to, who commits the worst possible crime!

      Gut wrenching! 🙁 Responds:

      I read it this morning in the New York Times!

      Nothing surprising or gut wrenching.

      Just another day in India – the daily catalog of depravities in India differs only in detail and geography from the previous day’s.

      As I’ve said often, beneath the facade of Shining India, Mera Bharat Mahaan and Incredible India the barbaric foundation of the world’s largest shithole remains intact.

  2. srinivas.radaram   January 14, 2014 at 12:03 pm

    The author refering people of Andhra Pradesh with an insane appetite for Dum Biryani is like saying 100% Indians speak Hindi.

    He should understand that some people in Hyderabad like and eat Dum Biryani.

    The author also keep taking about ‘telugu movies’… how about Hindi movies?

    How about Indians who are foolish enogh to follow Big B… and how about cricket lovers?

    The author has to understand that each individual has his/her way of taking things…

    The way he is providing the info is great but not the way he is trying to put on here…

    This is my personal view did not mean to support anyone or discourage anyone. Responds:

    1. You write: The author referring people of Andhra Pradesh with an insane appetite for Dum Biryani is like saying 100% Indians speak Hindi….He should understand that some people in Hyderabad like and eat Dum Biryani….foolish enogh to follow Big B

    If 100% of people in Andhra Pradesh are not insanely stuffing their faces with Dum Biryani, then we should conduct an inquiry as to why they are not doing it.

    Is there a foreign hand that is preventing 100% of people in Andhra Pradesh from stuffing their posterior and anterior orifices with Dum Biryani. I think Paki hand in it cannot be ruled out. Between you and me, I think it’s a nefarious Seema Andhra plot.

    Why does my country Amreeka have over 100 Dum Biryani restaurants? Is Dum Biryani a Neo-Colonialial strategy by the former Colonial sufferers Mera Bharat Mahaan to exploit Amazing Amreeka by imposing obesity on Walmartized Americans?

    Does Dum Biryani have imperialist tendencies? Is Dum Biryani the revenge of the oppressed subaltern classes with roots in the hinterlands of Andhra Pradesh?

    What role has Dum Biryani played in the screening of Tollywood masterpiece 1-Nenokkadine at AMC Empire in Times Square?

    Will Allu Arjun come clean – is he or is he not involved in anti-Dum Biryani campaign in Andhra Pradesh to counter the success of his cousin Ram Charan Teja?

    Let’s examine the role of the Hyderabad branch of the terrorist outfit Indian Mujahideen against the glorious people of Andhra Pradesh within the framework of Dum Biryani. Are they for Dum Biryani or against Dum Biryani in Andhra Pradesh?

    I suspect the clamor for Telengana by some people of Andhra Pradesh is also rooted in Dum Biryani. What double game is Chiranjeevi playing on L’Affaire Dum Biryani in Andhra Pradesh.

    Is Dum Biryani a divisive, anti-national force in Seema Andhra?

    Is there a correlation between Naxalism/Maoism and Dum Biryani? Was Kondapalli Seetharamaiah poisoned by Dum Biryani at the behest of powerful Telengana people just like the former Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko was poisoned with polonium-21?

    Big B must be held accountable for his pro or anti-Dum Biryani activities against the people of Andhra Pradesh. No Big B Bollywood actor or Small D cup Tollywood actress is above or below Dum Biryani, the pride of Andhra Pradesh.

    Cricket players, umpires and extras must be force-fed Andhra speciality Dum Biryani as a means to prop up our useless team that just got whipped in South Africa.

    Were the great Andhra ‘heroes’ Raghunandan Yandamuri, Lakshminivasa Rao Nerusu, Srinivasa Erramilli, Lakki Reddy, Murali Nookella force fed Dum Biryani at birth? What does the Centers for Disease Control research say on Dum Biryani preventing crime or inciting crime in Andhra Pradesh?

    Does Dum Biryani foster Darwinian impulses among the Andhra people?

    How does Dum Biryani relate to Evolution of Andhra people…has it evolved Andhrites or retarded Andhrites (I think I know the answer to this one)?

    2. You write: This is my personal view did not mean to support anyone or discourage anyone.

    My Dum Biryani soliloquy is my personal view meant to offend everyone and discourage anyone! 😉

    Viva la Dum Biryani!

  3. spkarnati2009   January 20, 2014 at 7:28 am

    Raghu deserves death penalty or life in prison.

    He is wasting time and tax payers money. Responds:

    Raghunandan Yandamuri’s fate is sealed one way or the other.

    But the Telugu bidda is certainly providing a great deal of entertainment with his new theories about “Matt” and Josh” and whoever else he alleges are the real culprits.

  4. fugitive143   March 5, 2014 at 6:20 am

    Is it today? Can’t wait for it to be over… Responds:

    I thought March 5 and May 5 were different days.

    But what do I know? 😉

    • fugitive143   March 7, 2014 at 4:32 am

      Omg! :I think it’s been dragging on for too long that I’m seeing only what I want to see !

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