How a Cook (Not Shah Jahan) Built the Taj Mahal

Life’s so strange. Stranger than we all realize. Actions of insignificant people in the distant past sometimes have an extraordinary impact on the course of future events in a big way. Take the Taj Mahal for instance. Hailed as a great monument to both love and architecture, the Taj Mahal has impressed visitors from around […]

Tragedy – No Indian Chicks in Chickipedia Top 100

Folks – Hunger, Ayodhya, Nano, Sanjay Dutt, Varun Gandhi, SoniaJi, Maya Behnji, 8% economic growth, Satyam, Manmohan SinghJi, Ram Sene, Elections et al can wait. We have a bigger crisis on hand here. National Humiliation Today, we are facing a national humiliation on the world stage, the likes of which our glorious Indian civilization has never […]

Music We’re Listening to – Kadri Gopalnath

Having just discovered the existence on this planet of saxophonist Kadri Gopalnath (via a New Yorker profile of Rudresh Mahanthappa), we can’t get enough of this virtuoso. So we trooped over to Apple’s iTunes digital media store yesterday and like any cheapo desi searched for a good deal. And boy did we find one. Yes, we […]

Boy, this Rudresh Mahanthappa Dude is Amazing

Until we read the latest issue of New Yorker (March 2, 2009) a short while ago, we’d never heard of Rudresh Mahanthappa. Nor of Kadri Gopalnath. Nor of Vijay Iyer. Boy, are we happy that we read that New Yorker piece by Gary Giddins titled Passage to India that goes ga-ga over Rudresh Mahanthappa. Listen, […]

Kidnap – Lousy Boob Show

Thieving Bollywood Scumbags Strike Again with Kidnap Hey, if we were desperate to drool over some nice boobs we’d have gone to a titty-bar not to the Kidnap movie to ogle at Minissha Lambha’s not-so-great tatas on a screen that’s over 30-feet away. Minissha Lamba’s so-so hooters notwithstanding, Kidnap director Sanjay Gadhvi milks them knockers […]

Rabindranath Tagore was a Painter Too – Ugh, Ughh

Did you know that Asia’s first Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore and the author of the Indian National Anthem Jana gana mana… was a painter too. And a pretty unimpressive one at that. On Sunday, we had the chance to view some of Tagore’s paintings at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Tagore’s paintings are part of two […]