What’s Wrong with this Picture?

Bizarre Nation Everything about India is bizarre – Its people, its politicians, its culture and, of course, its movies. Let’s take the Indian movie business, for instance. It’s no secret that Indians are insanely crazy about movies. The sight of their favorite star (Rajinikanth, Sharukh Khan, Salman Khan etc) or a fair-skinned item girl jiggling […]

Bridge & Salamander – For Crime TV Buffs

Swedish Crime Series The Bridge (photo courtesy: Sweden TV) European TV crime dramas are like European and Korean crime movies – Classy, riveting, addictive stuff. There’s the delicious trifecta of subtlety, tension and thrill in European TV crime dramas and films, an appealing amalgam I find woefully missing from Bollywood and rarely encounter in Hollywood. […]

Why Pee-za Hut Pizzas Taste So Bad

I knew there had to be a reason why Pizza Hut pizzas taste so godawful. 😉 Pizza Hut is not the only offender. A few years back, two Domino’s employees were in the news for their pizza shenanigans. Disgusting! I guess the only safe food is what comes out of your kitchen.

HOC Season 2 – Good Times Continue

The road to power is paved with hypocrisy….and casualties. Never regret. – Vice President Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) in House of Cards Season 2, Episode 9 For less than the cost of a Bollywood movie ticket, once again I got to watch 13 episodes of a top-notch political drama – House of Cards, Season 2. […]

Rahul’s TV Interview – ‘Empowers’ Modi

I am being attacked because I’m doing things that are dangerous to the system….I’m a serious politician. I’m not somebody ….I’m somebody who’s here….I’m going to fight a battle. I’m going to fight a deep battle…. Don’t forget that. – Indian clown prince Rahul Gandhi in first extended TV interview Like millions of Indians (and […]