Google’s Chromecast is Not a Big Deal

As an Indian, I’ll be the first to admit that Google’s spanking new Chromecast streaming device appeals to my cheapo desi instincts. I’m already drooling over the price! Hey, $35 seems like a steal for a device that can ‘cast’ content from a small-screen device like laptop, smartphone or tablet to your big-screen TV. Chromecast […]

Movie Streaming Choices for Americans

Any time we open a digital media news blog, we read about the cord-cutters (those who have pulled the plug on cable) in America making life miserable for large cable companies like Comcast, Cablevision, RoadRunner etc. So where are the hoi polloi going for their entertainment fix every night then? Besides online porn, that is. […]

M-GO Deal Offers New Movies for 99-Cents

You can never have too much of cheap or free stuff, right? While I can’t get you greedy Indian savages free movies, I can point you to a deal at M-GO streaming service that offers recent Hollywood movies for a mere 99-cents per film. Now that’s what I call a good deal! 😉 Once you […]

Psy – Second Acts are Hard

Just one day after its debut, Korean rapper Psy’s new music video Gentleman M/V has already attracted 28 million views. And 87% of the over half-million people people who voted for the video gave it the thumbs up. A mere 80,257 gave Gentleman M/V the thumbs down. Shows you that good taste is rarer than […]