SI Goes Gaga Over Lady Gaga’s Born This Way

Even by the bizarre theatrical standards of entertainers these days, American pop queen Lady Gaga is sui generis for her outrageous attire and antics (she came to the Grammys function in a huge egg carried by four men). Upon seeing Lady Gaga in her de rigueur skimpy attire, the late night TV host David Letterman […]

Seen the YouTube Video with 300 MILLION Views?

Surely all ye wastrels must have seen countless YouTube videos while pretending to work at your cubicles. But can any of you point to an amateur video that has garnered over 300 million views, yes schmucks that’s 300 million plus views. No idea? Folks, the video is Charlie Bit Me. And it’s among the Top […]

RedBox to Launch Movie Streaming Service

Hooray, Netflix Instant play streaming service is gonna get some competition. RedBox, the $1 DVD rental kiosk company, plans to roll out a movie streaming service in the U.S. and is scouting for a partner. Word on the street is that e-commerce behemoth might end up as its partner.

Bruno Mars Lobs a Grenade

If the Hawaiian pop sensation Bruno Mars fails to win more than one Grammy tomorrow, we’ll consider putting a bullet between our eyes. Seriously. We discovered Bruno thanks to a piece in the current issue of New Yorker (February 14 & 21, 2011, p.120-122). Since we purchased his top of the charts Grenade track on […]

Documentary Filmmakers Win $50m Lotto

Just in time for the upcoming Sundance Film Festival, Ford Foundation has rolled out a $50 million global initiative called JustFilms to support documentary filmmakers focusing on social issues. JustFilms intends to invest $10 million a year over the next five years to support documentary filmmakers who lack funding to realize their visions or reach […]

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