The ‘Indian’ Movie We’re Keen on Watching

Oh, No. It’s not any of our Bollywood, Kollywood et al movies. Au contraire, it’s a feature documentary called the Bengali Detective. Directed by Philip Cox, this Hindi/English/Bengali film with English subtitles is set in Kolkata. We stumbled on Bengali Detective this morning while glancing at the Sundance listings for this year. By the way, […]

Amazon Woos Budding RGVs, Shankars, Sanjay Leela Bhansalis with Movie Initiative

Whoa, who would’ve thought online retailer would get into the movie-making business. The Good today launched a new initiative called Amazon Studios that might help budding filmmakers and script writers break into the intensely competitive and highly lucrative world of the movie business. Aspiring movie makers or screenwriters, of whom there’s never been […]

Buffoon + Bimbette = Garbage oops Khatta Meetha

Khatta Meetha Box Office: Disaster, Big Disaster What happens when Bollywood’s buffoon-king Akshay Kumar meets Kollywood’s bimbette-queen Trisha Krishnan? According to critics, the answer is foul-smelling garbage. Indian movie critics have lashed out at Khatta Meetha, the new Bollywood film featuring Akshay Kumar and South Indian starlet Trisha Krishnan. Here’s a sample of unflattering reviews […]

White Russian-ing & Usher-ing OMG

It’s around 8:30PM here on the East Coast on a Friday evening. Hell, we’re already half-way through our first glass of White Russian and listening to Usher’s new song OMG from the album Raymond v. Raymond. So what if the critics don’t like it. Who gives a f*ck. We like the song mucho. We do. […]

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