Gangnam Style – 532m Views, Going Strong

Korean rapper PSY’s Gangnam Style music video is already the third most viewed video on YouTube. I think the “Dress Classy and Dance Cheesy” video is nonsense, albeit amusing nonsense. But way more entertaining than Dhanush’s Kolaveri junk. By the way, is there an Indian parody of Gangnam Style? Related Content: Gangnam Style, Original and […]

RedBox Movie Streaming Tests Start Today

Man, just as I’d almost given up hope comes some good news about the RedBox movie streaming service. RedBox Instant, the RedBox-Verizon joint venture, is supposed to move into initial testing today. Like Netflix, RedBox Instant will offer a movie streaming service on a subscription basis. Users should be able to watch unlimited movies for […]

Do You Guys Spotify Indian Music?

If you love free, legal music, it’s hard to say ‘No’ to Spotify. I’d been meaning to try Spotify for quite a while and finally downloaded the app to the PC, Mac, iPhone and iPad the other day to check out its on-demand music streaming service. Spotify on the Desktop On both the Mac and […]

Would Crappy Indian Movies Look Any Better on World’s Largest, Sharp 90-inch TV?

The new 90-inch Sharp AQUOS LED TV LC-90LE745U redefines sex appeal and cool but the world’s largest TV can’t make your crappy Indian movies look any better. No way. Indian movies are beyond redemption. No, World’s Largest TV Won’t Make Desi Movies Better Not even all those million gods (including monkeys, cows, snakes, crows and […]