Asha Smartphones Screwed; Will Die Soon

Microsoft’s acquisition of Nokia’s mobile phone devices business means that Nokia’s new Asha $99 low-end smartphones for countries like India will die an inglorious death sooner rather than later. As part of the deal to acquire Nokia’s devices and services, Microsoft will get the Asha brand too. Asha Smartphones from Nokia Asha Doomed Nokia’s Asha […]

U.S., India Top List of Nations Seeking Facebook User Data

My two favorites, U.S. andΒ  India, lead the pack of 74 countries requesting information from Facebook on users. Government requests to Facebook include basic subscriber information (such as name and length of service), IP address logs and actual account content. The majority of requests made by governments are said to be related to criminal cases […]

A $150 Smartwatch is a Stupid Idea

In my considered view, the only justification for buying a smartwatch, forking out $150 or more for an unseemly gadget on your wrist, is if it gives you a hand job. So far none of the smartwatches I’ve read about come anywhere close. Hell, they don’t even give you a tickle down there! πŸ˜‰ Why […]

$99 Ouya Console Ain’t a Bad Deal

Being cheapo desis, we started salivating when the $99 Ouya game console launched last week. Such was the demand that the consoles quickly disappeared from shelves within hours. We had to wait a couple of days before our online order was fulfilled. Since picking up the console yesterday, we’ve been trying out the various features. […]

Nik Wallenda – Amazing Tightrope Act

Thank God for Nik Wallenda! There’s still some high-wire adventure left in the world. In an era of silly reality shows and hideous computer-generated Hollywood ‘action’ drivel, 34-year-old tightrope artiste Nik Wallenda is the real deal. On Sunday, Nik Wallenda became the first human to cross Grand Canyon on a wire (slung 1,500-feet above the […]