How Chutiyas got Enslaved – Worth Watching

The pomposity and extravagance of these White Mughals knew no bounds. – BBC presenter Dan Snow in The Birth of Empire: The East India Company (Part 1) BBC Presenter Dan Snow in Calcutta Indians must watch BBC’s new TV program The Birth of Empire: The East India Company if only to refresh fading memories of […]

Online Privacy Hole @ Famous Law Firm

The Internet is a huge privacy crater. And I found one more example today of how users’ desire for freebies coincides with business carelessness to users privacy. Since SI blog is frequently the target of crazy people attempting to attack the site, I do random checks of IP addresses of readers. When I was checking […]

WTF are Africans Doing in India?

I can easily understand people migrating permanently or temporarily to America, Oman or Western Europe from shitholes like India, Nigeria, Uganda, Ghana, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Cameroon, Somalia etc. Which Third World rat doesn’t crave a better life for himself and his family in a richer nation. With stars in their eyes, countless people (including yours truly) […]

Soju + Korean Soap + Gota + Bisi Bele Bath

As my faithful readers know, I’m addicted to all things Korean. Korean Drink Soju at a Liquor Store in the U.S. I love Korean Movies. I’m so addicted to Korean TV programs that I’ll even stoop to watching romantic soaps on The sight of those fair-skinned, tiny-titted, slim Korean babes saying Komasmita (thank you) […]

Which is the Most Horrifying Web Site?

To all those who think they’ve seen everything on the Internet, I have news for you. The Internet is more than,,,, or Yes, the Internet is more than even 😉 The Internet makes it clear that the world is not populated only by Average Joes. There are quite […]